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I did a Google search using the words "Ibillcs.com fraud" (without the quotation marks) and came up with a LOT of sites that mention a company named Ibillcs.com. I didn't go to any of them but if you do the same search you may find something of interest. Several of them seemed to run in a similar vein and mention it as some sort of credit fraud protection service. A funny (and I don't mean funny in the ha ha kind of way) twist if they are indeed fraudulently billing you.


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ibill is one of the companies that does credit card processing for online shopping carts.

ibillcs.com appears to be their customer service page.

They do a lot of the 3rd party billing and shoppign cart stuff for porn sites and other questionable things, they aren't too picky. And their customers aren't too picky and don't make a big effort to dissuade fraudulent CC use.

Get your card changed. If it was some small legit cybershop you used, they already got paid. If it si soem $15 a month pron subscription, that'll stop it, and you can decide if you want to fight it without the problem continuing.

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$15 a month porn subscription

I always thought sex was for free :D

Kidding apart, I never submitted porn subscription and the online shop I use are all secured, when I'm not paying through Paypal or Paymate.

I asked my bank to stop the billing from Ibillcs.com

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I have just received a credit card statement with 2 Ibillcs.com charges, 2 ISCOM INC charges, a WP-REFHOST LIMITED GBR charge, a Talentus GMBH charge and a www.musicmatch.com charge. Since I only use this credit card for online purchases of gun parts and products; I would have to believe that someone has had their system hacked. The credit card company has closed my account and is sending paper work for the disputed charges.

The credit card representative was very helpful but also said fraudulent are becoming a major problem.

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