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Going to the dark side, uh I mean Open


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A paradox I'm going to the light, drug out my Caspian Single Stack, discovering sight focus etc. Dumping the wilson mags for the SS I'm wearing out my vise squeezing the darn things, Tripps on the way.

You can shoot production like loads in minor, but as an open major shooter I found the recoil pluse lazy and sleep inducing, the gun had so little movement that I couldn't shoot it fast.

So I created the ultimate 9 mm minor load for open shooters, 5.2gr of AutoCom w/124gr MTG JHP 1.45 to 1.165 pick a size, or the 115gr MTG JHP with 5.6gr of AutoComp. Since you already have AutoComp just up the charge to 7.0gr and shoot major.

If ur shooting 38S then 5.0gr of WST w/124gr.

2 more tips.

The dot disappears when you bend you elbows, break them but not bent, aka Don't short arm the gun!

Don't look at the dot look at the target, when the dot blocks your view of the target pull, spank, or slap the trigger, sqeezing is for lemons.

Check all 9 mm brass with a magnet, if it stick it is not brass, or carry a long rod and a big hammer.

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Good info, thanks, but I only have Solo 1000, now. I keep checking Powder Valley each day for it.

When I tumble 9mm, I have a bunch of rare magnets in with them.

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