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very excited


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well my wife told me at a family day that she wanted to try competition next year so I saw this as a perfect time to let her have my 5.25 9mm and order a new CC production 5.25. I have heard great things about Rich and after talking to him on the phone for a few minutes I couldn't get the order in fast enough. I haven't even got the gun and not sure when I will but I am already impressed with CC super great people to deal with. I will keep you updated on how it shoots but Im sure its gonna be great



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Rich did all of the work on my wife's XD 9mm Tactical. Can't say enough about the quality.

She's been shooting it for 4 years now. Not a single malfunction.

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I have a 5.25, a 4.5 that Rich did as my backup and a limited gun of CC - you will be happy - not just now but for a long time to come - never any troubles last year in 30 matches and this year it continues.

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