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  1. Ive been shooting a Canyon Creek 9mm for over a year now and love it. I shoot 3 matches a month and it has been flawless.
  2. I started with a P30 and released the mag the same way you do. With you trigger finger clearly outside the trigger guard it should not be a problem. I RO several HKs still and its easier then you think to see whats going on
  3. not sure why that posted as a quote jeff
  4. well I picked up my new canyon creek XDM 5.25 9mm today and first impression is amazing the entire gun is so much more than I expected. Thanks Rich your reputation is well deserved and your service is amazing THANKS AGAIN jeff
  5. Rich you are the Man I was thinking a couple weeks Thank you
  6. well my wife told me at a family day that she wanted to try competition next year so I saw this as a perfect time to let her have my 5.25 9mm and order a new CC production 5.25. I have heard great things about Rich and after talking to him on the phone for a few minutes I couldn't get the order in fast enough. I haven't even got the gun and not sure when I will but I am already impressed with CC super great people to deal with. I will keep you updated on how it shoots but Im sure its gonna be great thanks jeff
  7. my 14 year old daughter started shooting matches about 2 months ago and is doing great I preach safety to her all the time we also have a 16 yr old that shoots in our club
  8. I pretty much mirror what gunshrink said I have been shooting a XDM 5.25 since aug and loved it so much I got my 14 yr old daughter one in the 4.5 and she loves hers also. I have had 0 issues with them.
  9. Does anyone know of any software for stage design other than the one on USPSA website my computer isn't compatable Thanks jeff
  10. couple drops of oil on the pins and she is like new again thanks for the tips
  11. What can be the cause and cure for the pull on my dillon getting real stiff. I have used the oil as recommended by dillon on the main shaft and this hasn't helped much. Any help would be great. Thanks Jeff
  12. I have no idea why my computer felt that needed to be underlined
  13. I am taking the RO class to help run stages at my local club but I am also a shooter and I think knowing the rules will help me get better. Thanks for all the advice
  14. Im taking my first RO class the end of march and other than reading the rule book all I have done is print a larger copy (easier to read) do ya'll have any suggestion on what I need to take with me. I am assuming that I need my shooting gear, the rule book and a open mind any help would be great thanks Jeff
  15. Thanks for the info I'm on my way to pick some up
  16. so magnum primers will work in place of regular small pistol primers because I can find them here local
  17. what is the difference between a small pistol primer and a small pistol magnum primer. thanks
  18. I had the same question about if they would work in my XDM so I loaded some and they worked fine I did notice a increase in FPS over the small pistol primers but they do work incase I cant find any small pistol when I run out
  19. I just ordered from sns and they seem to be great folks and have good prices. I will buy from them again Jeff
  20. thanks for the reply my biggest reason for askin is I have the small rifle but I am running low on the small pistol
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