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Grip reduction and undercut, what do you think?


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So here's my attempt at a grip reduction and undercut I think it looks great, it looks good but my only problem I did it while the MSH was on are they going to be bonded to together now?

Anyone else make this mistake I'm going to try to take it out now we will see

Besides that what do you guys think?




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Hey that looks good got under the trigger guard a lot going to do this some more as well. What tool did you you use to stipple? Thanks!

I used a soldering iron and a dremel, feels great in the hand if you like a real aggressive grip

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I think it looks good. I've been wanting to do mine and paint it but I'm not sure if I'm up to it or not. I would think if the price is right you could sell them. I've been looking into places to do the grip on my Apeiro and it's actually pretty reasonable to have it textured and painted.

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