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  1. actionshooter38

    Different crimping dies for 9mm

    I use the Lee factory crimp die and I rarely have a round that won’t pass a plunk test. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. actionshooter38

    Need for multiple Hi-Cap Mags in Limited?

    4 full mags on every stage. I like to keep things the same for all stages. It's nice to be able to reload when you want to, not only when you need to. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. actionshooter38

    5" or6"

    Got a 6" and love it. Now, if I can just bring my shooting skills up to the potential of the gun.
  4. actionshooter38

    Got my gun. What next?

    For production you will probably need a minimum of 4 mags and preferably 6. Most courses of fire will be 18-32 rounds. You are limited to 10 rounds in production. It is always nice to have an extra mag or two for missed steel or feeding/mag jams. Eye and ear protection. Mag pouches and a production legal holster. Plenty of ammo and a gun bag/case to carry your pistol in to the match. Some extras to consider; hat,water,cooler,snacks,bug spray,sun protection, and a small towel. Most of these are assuming an outdoor range. Welcome, DVC. Randy
  5. actionshooter38

    40 v 45 for limited

    People try to squeeze that 21st round out of the 40 to help them on a stage so, yeah, it can be a difference. That being said, are you good enough to win a match or are you just out there to have fun? If fun is where its at a 45 will do just fine. JMHO.
  6. actionshooter38

    New 6" gun, sort of...

    Looks great. Just finished my first march with my 6 inch Bedell built gun. What a blast. DVC. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. actionshooter38

    Single Stack weapon

    I have the new Para Pro Comp 40. Has everything but a magwell. Very accurate and a joy to shoot in SS. It also comes in under your price range. Give it a look.
  8. actionshooter38

    Para Pro Comp .40

    I had the same issue with my Pro Comp. Once I got it together it was nice. I have shot it for one match now and am super pleased with it. Now if I can only shoot up to the potential of the gun I might even place in a match or two. I run the Tripp system mags, but I load to factory length. I think this is a great gun for the money.
  9. actionshooter38

    Para Pro Comp .40

    I got a Pro Comp 40 in trade for my son and I to use in SS division. Like Paul, I have yet to shoot it in a match. I have also shot several hundred rounds working up loads and getting it set up like we want it. I converted it from the series 80 trigger and the trigger pull is fantastic. I got a used Dawson Ice magwell and had some fitting issues. Once they were taken care of the gun is just about ready for its first match. I can't wait to give it a run. That said, if I was going to buy one outright I would probably go with an STI over the Para. If only for the series 70 frame.
  10. actionshooter38

    Preferred magwells

    Just put a Dawson Ice on a Para SS. It makes mag changes smooth as butter.
  11. actionshooter38


    Needs to tune the steel a little better, but I liked it.
  12. actionshooter38

    Tapatalk Still Not Working Here

    I've been having some issues also.
  13. actionshooter38

    Home built CNC Mill - Gonna make a 1911

    I love the weld on funnels, they make for such a clean looking grip.
  14. actionshooter38

    My New Toy....

    Looks like a fun gun to shoot. Congrats on the toy.
  15. I work nights. So I'm at work and my wife gets up in the middle of the night for some reason and finds a dead roach on the floor of the hallway. Since I am unable to leave work she calls her father at 02:00 to come remove the dead roach from the hallway. I don't know which is more remarkable, the fact she called him in the middle of the night or the fact that he drove 5 miles in the middle of the night to come get the roach.