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  1. I recently purchased a Shadow 2 that came with 3-17 round magazines. I'd like to purchase one more but also add base plates to the original 3 to give me 3-4 additional rounds. I've used Taran in the past for a Glock and they worked fine but didn't know if there was a better option for the CZ without breaking the bank. Do I need to upgrade the mag springs with new base plates or are they good to go as is? Any feedback or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I took the pistol apart before I went to the range and that's exactly what I found. It had actually slide down the hole in the main spring housing.
  3. Had a good day at the range today. I put 200 rounds through it and had one FTE around the 125-150 mark. Overall I felt the pistol handled really well but it's going to take some trigger time to deal with the weight. The pistol is pretty heavy and after adding 18 rounds it's pretty stout compared to what I normally shoot. Here's a couple groups from 5 and 7 yards. I also need to do something with the fiber optic front. At 55 I need good light to see and the indoor range didn't really provide that for me. I'd also like to get a rear sight with a small gap. Anyway, happy with my purchase and can't wait to take it out again. I'm a 1911 guy so it seemed strange loading 3 magazines and not having enough in one box.
  4. I just replaced the safety and had a difficult time getting it back in. After I had it installed I couldn't get the slide on because the trigger bar wouldn't go down far enough. I thought I noticed something under the the back of the trigger bar and pushed it with a punch and it disappeared (barely touched it). I took everything apart and put it back together and everything works fine now. I'm not sure what could have been flipped around but when I put it back together it all works fine now. I don't see anything on the diagram to explain what I might have seen under the back of trigger bar. After I go to the range today I might take it apart and see if I can tell what happened.
  5. I've been wanting to try a CZ for quite some time and decided to pick one up yesterday. I'm curious to see how it shoots today. The DA portion of the trigger is fairly heavy and I have smaller hands so the trigger needs to be shortened but other than that it has a great feel to it. I didn't measure the pull weight for the DA but the SA was 3 lbs 7 oz on a 10 pull average out of the box. Anyway, here's a picture of the new purchase.
  6. Thanks for the information. I think making the cable would be pretty easy but trying to work with software would be a no go for me. I would like to start shooting a little competition but I don't see much of it around here in Houston. If I decide to shoot I think it would be USPSA.
  7. I ordered one of these and it's supposed to be delivered Friday but I have a few questions about it. Has anyone found a way to interface this with an i pad or i phone? Also what distance is everyone using for setup? I know the instructions say 5-10 feet but is there a specific distance that is working better?
  8. Use the small bar. If you're weighing them after loading it's probably the difference in the actual bullet weight itself. A 230g bullet might weigh 229.8 or maybe 230.2.
  9. Actually the tech at Hornady told me to Use the graphite.
  10. It's always a good idea to take the dies apart and clean them before you install them. I've never seen that happen though.
  11. He's a great guy to deal with too. If you're looking for good customer service it's going to be hard to be this place.
  12. I've only had 1 squib and it was with a Hornady LNL. On mine the powder measure wouldn't drop all the way down sometimes so I trained myself to keep an eye on it but I missed it once and that was it for the press. I broke down the powder measure and polished everything, I used graphite on everything inside when I put it together and then rotated the drop probably a hundred times and it seemed to feel good and drop effortlessly. When I started loading I got about 50 rounds in and it got hung up again. Hornady sent me a brand new powder measure (good customer service by the way) and I installed it and started loading again. Well it hung up again. After that I put an ad online stating why I was selling it and ordered a 650. I've since sold my 650 but when I bought my new press (550) it was a Dillon again. I've loaded several thousand rounds on my Dillons and to this day I'm so paranoid of the powder measure hanging up my eyes are glued to it.
  13. I just received my zero 180g and it took less than 2 weeks.
  14. Deep down inside I knew the answer. It just seems like I'm nickle and diming myself to death buying everything again. With that said it looks like I'll add these to my order too.
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