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  1. Thanks for all the help. I shot Rocket City yesterday, they put on a great match. I'll be going back there monthly. Looks like ORSA is next weekend. Do you have a link to preregister?
  2. I believe I will. What's the start time? Fee? Can I preregister online? Saw Rocket City's Facebook page. Looks great!
  3. Looks like River Bend is 2 hours from me, Rocket City and ORSA are an hour and a half. Those are all doable distances. Thanks for all your help guys! See you on the range soon.
  4. I just moved to Chattanooga TN and I've found a bunch of IDPA matches but the only USPSA match I've found was ORSA near Knoxville 1 1/2 hours from me. Anyone know of any other clubs around the area? I searched the USPSA website but didn't come up with much real info. Some of the "clubs" listed aren't even clubs at all. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  5. I have So many questions... But to answer yours first:I love the ZEV IDPA magwell, it works perfect with all TTI 'pads. Bladetech holsters work just fine with MOS Glocks. Now, what are doing here man? Like ranger said, +3 magwells in open?! Why not maximize what you can fit in a stick? And why an IDPA magwell? and a regular holster? Are you doing some mall ninja stuff here?? Also, what is your classification ? Just curious on this one. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk I have So many questions... But to answer yours first:I love the ZEV IDPA magwell, it works perfect with all TTI 'p
  6. I'm not really worried about the magwell being IDPA legal, I just want to get the most low profile (but effective) magwell I can find. ZeV's seems to fit the bill.
  7. I changed my mind slightly about going back to production with a G34 this year. I decided to get a 34 MOS and a RM07 RMR and run it in open instead. I've already got the gun, optic, and my trigger parts on the way but I'm wanting to get a few other small add ons to complete my rig and I need some info. I'm going to use TTI +3 basepads on this rig. I want a magwell thats light and low profile. Has anyone used ZeV's IDPA legal magwell? It seems to fit the bill but I didn't know if the TTI pads would work with it. Also I want a standard holster, not a race holster. Does anyone know if the blad
  8. What about the Wilson Combat barrels? Anyone have any experience?
  9. Hey Daniel I may be in touch with you soon. A DK Custom trigger was at the top of my list. Guess I should ask, Gen 3 or 4?
  10. I know this has been beaten to death over the years on this forum, but as time goes on equipment and accessories change and upgrade so in the interest of getting up to date here it goes anyway. What set up are you guys running in your G34's for USPSA production? Sights, triggers, barrels, basepads, etc??
  11. I just picked this P-01 up from Automatic Accuracy last week. Had Matt install the Meprolight night sights, I added the VZ grips and a 15# hammer spring. The gun shoots great and so far has been 100% reliable. I definitely suggest CZ's as defensive handguns.
  12. mike g35

    CZ Open

    This thread is gonna cost me money.
  13. Okay. Thanks again. I think I'm just gonna dive in and see how it goes.
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