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  1. Got mine today. 100% impressed so far. Of course I'm not going to give a big review after just trying them on. After OH State I'll know if I like them.
  2. Just jumped on this bandwagon myself. I ordered a pair of Speedcross 3 CS's from Amazon.
  3. Thanks for this explanation!!! I picked up 1000 CCI SRP yesterday and I'm planning to run some test loads with them later today. My 2011 hasn't failed to set off any SPP's and I've used all the major brands. Hopefully this remains true with the SRP's.
  4. I am to, and I sell guns for another company. But our stuff isn't near as good as SC. I think I actually went almost a week without buying something now. Shocking. LOL
  5. LOL I hear ya. If lived within driving distance of them I'd be broke!!!
  6. I just wanted to thank Barry, Chuck, and the rest of the shooters connection crew for all their recent help and their INCREDIBLE service. You guys have got me as a customer for the rest of my life. I buy stuff from you guys and as long as the order goes through before 4pm my gear arrives the very next day!!! That's using UPS ground folks!!! . I have bought two STI raceguns, a Trubor and a MatchMaster, from you guys in the past couple weeks and an enormous amount of parts, magazines, etc. and I've been more than happy with it all. Everything I've ordered arrived faster than expected, it was ex
  7. One more thing, I notice alot of guys shooting 9mm major in 2011's are using small rifle primers. Why? Is there any advantage over small pistol or magnum small pistol?
  8. I just started shooting a 2011. Like everyone suggested I purchased Grams follower and spring combos. Great product!!! My mags with Grams guts run great, the ones without.....not so much. I'll be in touch Monday about sending you guys a new 170mm tube for tuning. Thanks Grams!!!
  9. I'm looking for some 9mm major data using powders others than AutoComp for use in a "Shorty". I have some HS6 on hand along with some WSF. And I have easy access to everything out there with the exception of VV 3N37 and N320. My WAC loads work so this isn't an emergency situation or anything. I'm just interested what some of the rest if you are running in your "Shorty" open guns.
  10. Oakley Flak Jackets here, prescription. To bad seeing better doesn't make me shoot any better. LOL
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