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If I recall correctly, there is a "FU" button (follow up) that backs you through all your previous shots.

cuzinvinny is correct. Press and release the "FU" button to review data. When you get to "[ ]" you are at the end of the data. The "FU" button is also used to cycle through the shots recorded. If you have a wild shot that you want deleted from the average, go to that shot, press and hold the "FU" button until it flashes.

I've had my chrony for several years and never knew the "FU" stood for "follow-up". I did have my own theories on what it meant, but turns out I was incorrect.


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I have had mine for five years and never had any problems with it, and never failed chrono at any IDPA matches.

Good to know. However, I just ordered a ProChrono Digital and the PC interface. With a discount at Grafs I got both for less than the cost of a Beta...

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