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Classic W. German Sig P226 in production


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Hello all!

So I've been a diehard Glock 34 production and ssp shooter for about two years now. I just recently picked up a barely used '86 date code Sig P226 from a pawn shop for dirt cheap. I originally bought it because of the rareness factor of the W. Germany stamp and because of the old Sigs reputation for accuracy. I never intended to compete with it but after a month or so of practice I'm finding myself shooting circles around my Glock! I know I can shoot SSP in IDPA with it no problem but I was shocked to see that the standard 226 is not on the NROI production list. This seems strange sinc they standard p220, p225, and p228 are most definitely on that list at the moment. Am I missing something here or is this pistol not production legal?

Thanks for your replies!

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I shot my W German P226 in production it is the same dimensionally as all the current models and fits in the box, I only quit using it because mine has a brushed nickel finish and I was beating it up using it in matches.

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