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Well after loading just a short while on my Lee Classic Turret Press I knew I was hooked. Add to the fact that we are going to be moving in a few months to a house in the country where I will be able to step out my back yard and shoot any time I want. Finally when you add in the crazy prices people are willing to pay for 22lr ammo right now I felt the need to act.

Fast forward to last monday when I finally decided I was going to place my order for a new xl650, casefeeder, trimmer, the works all to do 45acp, 5.56 and 9mm. So I got in touch with BE and placed my order and was ready to settle in for the long wait. But the wait wasn't meant to be. Spurred on by a few forum posts elsewhere and the rumor that my local reloading shop got a few xl650s in stock I decided to make a drive last Friday. Sure enough, there on the shelf was a new xl650 in 45ACP. As luck would have it the 45acp conversion was the only part I was able to acquire already but I didn't let that stop me knowing I can sell it and get my money back.

Sure enough he had a 9mm conversion there too, but no 9mm dies. And no .223/5.56 conversion which of course I already have the dies for. So I decided I would buy the xl650, the casefeeder and the 9mm conversion for now. I then contacted BE who was great to work with, cancelled the press and the casefeeder from my order from him but let all the rest of it ride so he was still getting some of my business. I know Brian is a great internet resource but the local reloading shop is invaluable too so I got to spread the love around a little.


The unboxing



Packaged like a tank and so purty!


I was planning on waiting to mount the press in the new house but I just couldn't wait. This isn't perfect but it's fairly sturdy. I know getting a solid bench mounted to the wall will be the way to go but I needed a little instant gratification so I just had to.


And my first 50 rounds. Well 53 actually, 3 will be pulled apart and spot checked for powder weight. I didn't want to stop in the middle of loading to check so I figured this was worth the effort.


Had some minor issues a few times with cases not going from the casefeed adapter into the casefeed swingarm bushing that I'll have to look into. I also added a few things right away including the bearing under the shell plate bolt, clipped the indent spring a bit, Uniquetek Powder baffle, spent primer chute and toolhead clamp kit.

Can't wait to pump out thousands of rounds and get a permanent reloading spot.

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.....You're stepp'n in tall cotton now......

For myself and the rest of the Yankees:

in high cotton

well off, especially in terms of happiness or wealth (from the notion of a well developed high cotton crop that one would not need to bend over to pick, used in the Southern U.S. since the 1920)

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