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  1. Have a Mark7 but never look at the counter. Loaded rounds go into MTM 100 round boxes. That performs the count and allows for quick primer inspection (there's always a couple per run).
  2. A few years ago there is no way I could 'justify' cost of a 1050 using the rounds per month criterion. But a 1050 is the machine I wanted to load on and while not wealthy, I could afford it. i now have three 1050's and there was never a day I said 'should have bought a 650.' I'm sure a 750 is a fine machine but 8 stations, swaging, and priming on the down-stroke are things of beauty.
  3. I recently retired my brass processing setup so I had the opportunity to move the Mark7 over to my 9mm reloading machine. Very cool setup esp. with the BulletSense that I added. But with the tablet in place viewing powder in case at station 6 went from hard to harder. I did some searches and there were some good suggestions from others showing what they did with backup cameras. I bought an inexpensive backup camera system and I just wasn’t happy with it. The camera image was very good but not at the distance I needed. Not surprising as a backup camera is looking at a minimum distance of a couple feet and I am trying to view 1-2 inches. No matter how I tried to position camera if it was close enough to see powder, image was out of focus. Put that unit in the junk drawer and instead bought an endoscope. Makes sense as it is made for viewing objects close and most have a focal length of about 1.5” minimum. Looking at Amazon there are about a thousand models to chose from. I choose the one I did because it had a relatively short cable gooseneck (less than 5 ft vs. most being 10ft) and display was roughly the size of an iPhone Plus. Hmmm….display is size of iPhone and upright for case collator is roughly size of motorcycle handlebars. I wonder what I can use for a mount? I struggled with how to stiffen the camera gooseneck as it just was too flimsy to remain in position. No surprise as it is meant to be snaked through pipes and walls. Then I remembered a length of Loc-Line I had. It wasn’t long enough but found the exact same part on Amazon so ordered more. Camera fits perfectly through line and nozzle even hold camera head snug. Loc-Line is Velco’ed tight to case Collator along with other cables. Setup works great! Inspection Camera Bike Mount Loc-Line Hose
  4. Got it. Had to take upper pin 10994 out to remove link arm and mainshaft (should have don it earlier). With that out of the way crank just needed a bit of a tap to slide out. Really nice to have this press completely cleaned up after several years of processing brass.
  5. The cap screw on the left was the first thing I removed. The crank shaft slides out about an inch to the right then stops. Maybe the RH bearing was press fit in and needs some taping to get out? I'm thinking maybe the key is hitting it. But the other 2 bearings just slid out.
  6. I am doing a complete disassembly of one of my 1050's. How does one separate the crank shaft from the crank arm? There is a key on the shaft and I assume that is what is preventing the shaft from sliding out the right side of machine. Gotta be an easy way.
  7. Well this is interesting: Legion aluminum basepad: 5/8 oz Standard plastic basepad: 1/8 oz So a Legion X5 plastic (taller) will weigh more than the standard but that's damned close. Having a plastic version made so we will see.
  8. I want to shoot my new X5 in ESP. The biggest issue I see is the weight of the gun being 43.5oz with an IDPA limit of 43oz. Seems the options are: 1. Swap AL basepads with plastic - doubt that will gain a half ounce 2. Remove mag well - really don't want to as the gun looks good with it 3. Cut something like a third off the internal grip weight. - I see where I can't add internal weight but no rule saying removing it isn't permitted Really looking for a discussion on option 3. Thanks.
  9. The pure answer is get a Dillon 1050 or a Mark 7 Revolution. But is the problem doesn't warrant spending thousands get a Super Swager as George suggested.
  10. http://www.biggdawgtumblers.net/biggdawg-tumblers.html I don't know if he is still building tumblers but this is where I got mine a couple years ago. Mine is a dual drum setup and I run almost a full pail of 5.56 brass each batch. With pins
  11. .45ACP case with a 230gn bullet epoxied to the top works for me.
  12. Conventional wisdom says CPD is correct but for me I always buy carbide, never had a problem and never said wished I bought steel. Carbide cost more but not hundreds more.
  13. If anyone cares Cool Fire Trainer recently came out with kits for VP9 and P30L. Since I have a couple 3 VP9's for competition I bought a kit and installed on my dry fire VP9. Pretty much works as expected. I get 8 or so good shots out of a CO2 charge. The laser attachment is cool but with it attached I cannot holster gun and the laser has to be removed for every charge. Laser removes and installs very quickly but I have not been using it because of the holster fit issue. The other thing is as the gun is used the "barrel" and slide become cold due to thermodynamics. After ten charges what was 8-9 shots per charge is now 6-7 shots. Not a huge deal and I have to say it is the first time I experienced a gun getting cold as I 'shot' it. The only other thing worth noting is I was previously dry firing with full mags with dummy rounds. It helps to have dummy rounds for correct weigh, simulate malfunctions, etc. Since you cannot chamber a round with Cool Fire you are working with empty mags. Overall I like the system and unless it starts having mechanical issues I will continue to use it. There is a lot to be said for practicing transitions with a real trigger pull on each shot. We will see if that leads to better scores.
  14. My VP9SK with standard mag has over 3/4" clearance below the basepad in the CCP box. But I like more bullets in the gun so I shoot mine in SSP.
  15. mcracco

    VP9 Experience

    I congratulate HK for providing what the consumer wants but I have 5 HK's with paddle releases (which I have no problem with) so I wouldn't buy a button model. Just hope they continue to sell both types in US and not try to convert me.
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