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  1. For sure, I have sent them stuff for rebuilds and its always come back far exceeding my expectations! I did however have almost all the parts when I sent in...
  2. Almost willing to bet that adjusting the primer seat will fix the issues I am having! Ill have to look at it tomorrow but, I am really looking forward to seeing if this fixes the issue!!! Thanks Al!
  3. Hey Enos, been a few since I was over here... Well, like anything place with solid members who are willing to give sound advice, I am back... I recently bought a 1050!! I am very new to this press and am learning everyday that passes... I will say, from what I am seeing, caliber conversions, primer change, etc... are very easy! I am not sure what the big hoopla was or why I was worried about the while changing calibers... In saying that, I have hit some some road blocks that I do not 100% know how to fix or even understand why they are happening... I called Dillon and sadly enough, they gave me some pretty lame guidance which was really zero help at all (no offense to them, they are always awesome)... Just has not worked out these last few calls... I bought a Super 1050 with many additional options... without getting into all of them, I want to talk about where I am right now, and the issues I am having.... The press is currently set up in 9mm with a Mr. Bulletfeeder on it.... LOVE IT!!! But, its not running correctly right now. I am having two issues... First, the primers seem to be seating a little bit to deep... Because I am new to the press, I do not fully understand how to change both the swagging station or how to adjust the primer seat depth? I am getting a lot of funky seated primers, and some seem to be seated very deep (they shoot fine, just do not look 100% correct). I need some help and thoughts with this. The second and more important part is when the case leaves the primer seat station,the cases are being "pushed" up on and "tilting" the case a little bit... this is causing the Mr. Bullet Feeder powder funnel to crush cases walls regularly... its getting a bit annoying as this is happening every 6-7 case. I literally have no idea what adjustment needs to be tweaked to fix the issue. Lastly, my detent ball that the shell plate indexes on gets stuck in a compressed way? I have absolutely no idea why this happens? Usually I can grab an allen wrench and push on the underside of the press and it pops back up, however there have been a few times I literally had to take off the shell plate to get it loose. Everything else seems to be going great... just not sure exactly how to fix these issues... I am really looking forward to advise, suggestions, tips on "how to" fix/tweak the press so I am not breaking down every few rounds. Thanks Enos crew for all the help in advance! Bobby
  4. Again, great info here... thanks for the thoughts on this! B
  5. awesome advise from all... sounds like Ill need to head to a match and go from there! thanks, B
  6. Getting ready to start loading some 38 super/super comp here and was looking for thoughts on best powders to use and what your favorite recipes were. I am looking for two loads... Soft shooting, fun range/practice... and a nice defense load. I have a lot of the following powders so I am hoping that these powders will work well for me (they are all great for 45acp). CFE Pistol Tite Group Unique Universal Win Auto Comp Win 231
  7. BE looking for thoughts on the two choice for filling primers tubes. I have used both here and there at friends houses, but nothing long enough to have solid opinions on either machine. Is the Dillon worth 200 more than the Frankfort in terms of function? I get the Dillon is made far better.... Thoughts, opinions, other?
  8. Two things, I get around 30-50 buckets at one time, once per year... I know, I should just buy the sorter, but I really do not want to spend the 1K (I would rather buy other stuff)... I know I am being cheap:) In saying that, because I get so much at one time, I do not have the option to just sort as I get it... its all at once, in one shot. Anyway, I just sorted through 7 buckets using the tumbler and trays and that is working out well... Ill jump into the brass sorting machine sooner than later. I have not met anyone who owns it... does it work? Whats the turnaround time on a 5gal bucket? Thanks B
  9. For me, since almost all the brass I get is 9/40/45/223, this is fine, I don't care to pull the 223 out of the 9mm tray or the 38 out of the 40 tray. I guess I could go through 9 to double check if there is 380, but if there is, it's not much at all.
  10. I actually took back the 5lb one and got the large one... First attempt with the larger one and I had brass everyplace... Ono it's Just To powerful. I Took the big one bag and got the 5lb again, seporated 3 bullets in less than an hour... I'm sure if I have issues, I'll report back, but I think this 5lb deal works better than the big one
  11. Thanks so much for all the replies here, I got the $50 5lbs deal from Harbor Freight last night... I drilled one hole in a bucket, and literally was able to take the bowl off the tumbler and attach the bucket without any mods. I might cut down the marge screw that sticks up so I can use two buckets I also just used the plate that comes on the base from harbor freight. I did about 1/3 of a bucket in like 5 mins... Works awesome!!!! I am considering taking it back and getting the large tumber, but not sure if it's worth it since I know what I have works... I'll let you guys know what I decide. Anyway, I appreciate the help on this, it's gonna make my life a lot easier.
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