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new USPSA Area 7 Director


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Dave Bold assuming office as new Area 7 Director

Outgoing Area 7 Director Rob Boudrie has made the following announcement: I have submitted my resignation as Area 7 Director effective Midnight February 28, 2013 (which seems to be a popular date for resignations these days). I am doing so because dialysis scheduling makes it impractical for me to attend the in-person USPSA Board meetings that are held at various locations throughout the country a couple of times a year. I will continue to be very involved with USPSA, and look forward to working with headquarters on various technology projects.

USPSA President Phil Strader has appointed David Bold, L2600, as the interim area director who will serve in that position until a special election is held (which is required by the bylaws since more than 18 months remain in my term). Stay tuned for information from USPSA HQ on this election.

Dave Bold currently runs the USPSA and SCSA matches at the New Bedford gun club, and I have great confidence that he will do an excellent job as an Area Director.

My thanks to all of you who have made Area 7 the success it is. It has been an honor to serve as an AD for USPSA, and I look forward to continuing to serve the organization as one of the people behind the curtain.

See you at the range



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Dave is a dedicated member of the area and will do a fine job. He has the work ethic the job takes.

Rob has brought us into the tech world and will continue to do so. As Director, he has been a great help to many. As I told him in private e mail, I remember my first major match. I was a little overwhelmed but was making it. Rob took the time to ask how I was making out and if I was having a good time. It made an impression on me as we had only met briefly one time.

Of course then he got that look in his eye and wandered away :roflol:

I appreciate all you have done and all you do. Thank you.

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