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Opinions on potential purchase please?


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Hi all, I am a young full time student on a very limited budget. I have been saving up for a .22 lr kit for my center fire pistol. In the time that I have been saving I have gotten pretty low on center fire ammo and I am now thinking I may want to just get a case of x39 for the same price.

I just wanted to get some opinions because I am pretty indecisive, and I wont have the money to buy a case again for a few more months. I am at under 200 rounds for my center fire rifle and pistol respectively . The conversion is an EAA witness conversion going onto a Jericho, if that makes a difference to anybody.

Thanks for any input,


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If you've got the resources, I'd say save up and get a reloading press. It will do more to help your situation in the long run. I was there myself not too long ago.

There's an old Chinese proverb: If you give a man a box of ammo, he shoots for a day. If you teach a man to load his ammo, he shoots 1/2 price ammo for the rest of his life.

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When I started shooting as a serious pursuit, my best friend and teacher had me buy 3 things:

a ruger MKII

a Kimber Classic .45

a Dillon press

If you want to shoot a lot of anything other than .22, either a press or deep pockets are a must. Since my friend and me would buy together, we could get discounts on all the components except brass, which I scavenged from ranges by offering to clean up at closing time. At one point, I estimated my cost at about 5 cents a round for .45 ACP. YMMV, but even at retail prices you will save a ton of money and get to shoot what you want when you want. Plus, you will gain additional insight into how your firearm works, which most people don't have. That said, if I were in similar straights, I would probably buy some .22 and save for a press. There is nothing wrong with yugoslavian ammo as long as you clean your rifle after each use; it's corrosive and berden primed ammo is very difficult to reload assuming you can even find the primers in the US. So basically, when its gone its gone and you will have to drop another handful of cash to get more. If you really want to shoot a lot of centerfire, it's probably the only way to do it economically, IMO.


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