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Fun indoor classifiers which are not "shot to death"?


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I may be taking over the helm of a local match (co-helm actually) soon and in addition to learning more about stage design I am looking for ideas for fun classifiers suitable for an indoor range with 40ft deep x 40ft wide shooting area available (the bay is 75ft deep but to be able to move we have to shoot within the bay, could probably get 50ft of depth if required). My preference would be for ones that are not shot all the time, ones with some movement in them and ones that are not just a memory game. I have started looking through the classifier stage designs but wanted to reach out for some input and ideas from others. I am fairly new to USPSA but luckily I have help available. Thanks in advance for any help and suggestions.

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Are you looking for official USPSA classifiers? If so, there aren't many that meet your criteria. There are only a handful with movement, and only 1 or 2 of those would fit in your bay.

Yes, official USPSA classifiers. I know I will have to use some with little to no movement or movement between strings but wanted to start looking for pointers to some classifiers. I am digging around for other stage designs but we have some people willing to help in that area.

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With indoor stages, if you want to put on a match and not just a classifier stage, you have to get creative. As already mentioined, there are very few classifiers that meet your requirements of moving and being able to fit onto your range. My club is facing the same problem and here are a few that we are looking at doing this winter. All of them are "stand and blast" format. You still have to aim and Virginia Count is well, just that. Ya gotta count....

CM03-02 Six Chickens 12 rounds Virginia Count, about 22' wide

CM03-04 3V 14 Rounds Virginia Count, about 16' wide

CM03-11 El Strong & Weak Pres 24 rounds Virginia Count, 4' wide

CM09-03 Oh No 12 rounds Virginia Count, 12' wide

CM13-01 Disaster Factor 12 rounds Virginia Count, 10' wide

CM13-08 More Disaster Factor 12 rounds Virginia Count, 10' wide

CM13-04 The Roscoe Rattle 18 rounds Virginia Count, about 22' wide

Hope that helps,


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