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Glock 24 Limited. Here's what I got... Now what do I need?


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I have a basic Glock 22 Frame on the way, I've got magazines, and I bought this slide assembly for $100 from a guy who got it in a trade.



So I know that a 35 is usually preferable over the 24, but given the price for the complete slide with a KKM precision barrel, I have decided to turn it into my first Limited gun. So now I want to know everything that I need to get/do. Should I lighten the slide? What pound recoil springs should I try. Who makes the best trigger for a limited gun? Should I get a lightened striker and slide spring package? Who has the best extended mag release? Best mag well? Mag extensions? EVERYTHING!!! Thanks guys!!!!

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for the mag extentions i like the dawsons as they are easy on easy off and get me 20 rounds in the mag. For the trigger, I have used a vanek and a glockworx fulcrum and like the fulcrum a little better but its pricey. a connector and springs can get it decent without alot of coin. Magwell, go either dawson on SJC. The SJC is definately bigger than the dawson. I have a modified mag release in one where I took a extended one, rounded it over and put a radius on all the edges and run it as a mid length. Its plety easy to hit and wont drop mags when you dont want it to.

I actually prefer the 6 in and have a 6inch sti and the glock 24 as a backup

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Do you have 4-5 mags? I would put a SJC heavy magwell on, put dawson mag extensions on the mags and shoot it...alot. After you have several matches under your belt you will have a better idea of what will make the gun run better for YOU. I have a 6 in Glock 20 with a extended mag release because my short fat fingers can't reach the standard size one. I will every so often hit the release accidentially, if you can reach use the stock release I say stick with that.

Polishing the trigger, ghost 3.5 connecter and competition springs will have given me a pretty good trigger at a fraction of the cost of a custom trigger. Vanek and glockworx fulcrum are very nice but based on the cost not that much better the a .25 DIY job.

Bottom line is before spending your $ shoot it alot and you'll figure out what will make it better.

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I read '24 in competition' as "24 inch competition" and thought whoaaa, that's a glock!

As was said, I agree with Dawson's too. Easy on/off, and some of them come with the +power mag springs..

Shoot it first before you worry about major upgrades.

As far as springs, develop a good load for it first, then look at the recoil spring, but +power trigger spring and minus power striker spring/lightened striker and plunger spring are usually cheap enough to do now.

Look at the minus connector, and look up on here or the youtube about the $0.25 trigger job on a glock.

Mag drop comes down to preference, I've never tried but I think the "paddle" style ones would be fun to try: http://www.brownells.com/handgun-parts/frame-parts/magazine-release-parts/magazine-releases/standard-mag-release-for-glock-sku452000001-7580-18856.aspx?ttver=2&utm_medium=shoppingengine&utm_source=shopping&mc_id=17000&gdftrk=gdfV21820_a_7c187_a_7c1021_a_7c452000001_d_452000001_d_10729

I also think that, for much as you'll be taking the slide on and off, these are invaluable: http://www.brownells.com/handgun-parts/frame-parts/slide-catch-parts/slide-catches/extended-slide-lock-lever-for-glock--prod22920.aspx?ttver=2

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