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strange 1050 problem

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I am having a problem with one of my Super 1050's. On the one used for 9MM the Primer System Rocker Bolt p/n 13296 keeps backing put on its own while in use. Any ideas on how to fix or take care of this? Some times it will stay in and tight for a thousand rounds and others it will back out repeatedly every couple of hundred rounds. Today was one of those times where I had to retighten it four times in 1000 rounds.


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Loctite helps in places you might not think would require Loctite, just to keep things from walking on you. I even used Blue Loctite on the little blue wing-nut at the bottom of my powder measure / failsafe rod. Even though it doesn't have to be snug or super tight, I did it just to keep it from walking out of adjustment.

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