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  1. I learned early on to double muff. A pair of earplugs and the best muff that I could get....... Pro Ears makes, 32 DB on paper. My Open gun was just loud and hard on the ears.
  2. Look at it this way....you spend all this money on a flawless running open gun, tuned magazines, practice for the match, travel, hotel room, meals and match fees. Then you cheap out on the single item that makes the gun function. I always would buy new brass shoot it once prior to the match, reload it and eliminate a potential problem that is within your control. You don't see the NASCAR teams using recapped tires.....
  3. I'm going with bits of corn cob media stuck in the end of the JHP tips after tumbling roader rounds to clean grease from cases.
  4. Custom is 100% the ONLY way to go. If you are planning at competing at the highest level of Open then you need a custom gun built to your needs, grip size, trigger, hammer, weigh etc. If you are just shooting for fun at monthly matches don't spend the big bucks for a custom gun. It's really simple ...if you want to compete with the "Big Dogs" you need "The Big Dog Bone/Gun".
  5. Shooting Open at the GM level is the NASCAR series shooting.....you need the most reliable, time tested shooting platform available....choose what the winner use.
  6. If you truly serious about going down the GM path in Open...all the luck to you. But as in any sport that requires you to compete at the top levels...don't handicap yourself with the wrong tools/Guns. Check to see how many of the USPSA GM shooters use a Glock or even a CZ. That does not make these gun bad...just not suited for that specific task. Their is a reason that Max, Chis, Lesgar, Bill, all use STI frame based guns. At the GM level every competitive edge is worth a fraction of a second.....Your not looking at what the winners shoot. Buy the best tools that are suited for the job. Find a custom gunsmith, work with him and have a Match Gun and Practice Gun built...yes two guns
  7. Please look closely at the primmer dept.....each primer is seated completely in the primmer pocket so when the firing pin hits the primmer it does not finish seating the primer.
  8. Please look closely at the primmer dept.....each primer is seated completely in the primmer pocket so when the firing pin hits the primmer it does not finish seating the primer.
  9. Change primers to SRP Federal, make sure that the primmer is seated fully, this means with a slight recess, when reloaded.
  10. Hello, Thays a great 

    Looking pistol, you say it was build by Derick? I have a friend that has been hunting a millennium coustom limited gun.  I'll make sure he sees you post 

    Thank you.


  11. Rick,

    Sorry to hear about your stroke, when I started shooting about 20 years ago we had a gentleman in our club  who had a stroke. He was mostly paralyzed on his non dominate side and had very limited mobility with his arm and leg. He shot revolver and would put the gun in his left and to reload. Not sure if it is an option with you or not but thought I would share just in case.

    I saw you post these originally however seemed a bit high for me especially since we were expecting our 3rd child beginning of August. I didn't want to submit an offer in case they sold and didn't want to seem like I was trying to low ball you but I feel is fair market price. Its been about 6 weeks and doesn't seem to be any movement on these. I would be willing to go 4K for the match gun or 3,700 for the practice gun. 

    Good luck with your recovery and wish you the best. 


  12. I tried the link for the exec. summary.....the sign in link would not accept my username and password....is their a problem...signed into uspsa OK?
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