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very small powder charge, very light charge and oversized bullet.

squib means there wasn't enough force to push the projectile out of the barrel

check his powder all the time

I'm guessing he didn't check that one.

I run an rcbs lockout die and have a mechanics mirror and shop light over the bullet seating stage to visually and mechanically verify ever round has a proper charge.

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The primer went off and the bullet was lodged ,but it was not the squib sound...It was a regular Bang sound ,the only thing the next round won't feed coz we found out that the bullet head got stuck at the first part of the Barrel...but what surprizes us not a squib sound....Thank you much for the Info....

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i had squib last week, because of wet powder in the case, the powder didn't ignite, gun didn't cycle, probably a case wich i lubricated a bit to much, or was standing upright when i was spraying case lube on it.

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