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Media not coming out


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I just finished tumbling about 300 pieces of once fired range brass (the parties on either side were shooting factory and not collecting) and as I went to move it from the media separator, I noticed that the cases were full of media.

Dillon 500 vibratory tumbler

Midway Pan and 2-1/2 gallon bucket

Crushed Walnut Hulls

Dillon polish

Assorted 223 Rem brass

Tumble for two hours

Do I need to get a different media separator? New Media? I am at a loss.

By the way, I don't know how long I have been using this batch of media, a couple of seasons of Cowboy Action and USPSA

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It seems most of the media seperators would best be labeled as shakers. I have a very old Midway rotating media basket that does a pretty good job on pistol brass but still leaves some media in a case or two. Lately I have been using the smaller sizes like Lizard Litter for walnut and a very small size corn cob grind. I think the corn is 20-40 from drillspot and I've heard that Harbor Freight carries a fine walnut. I do run walnut an hour with Dillon or Midway polish and a shot of denatured alcohol before adding brass. The corn cob usually gets a couple of squirts of NuFinish and run for an hour before brass.

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did you add fresh dillon polish before you tumbled? most of the time I've seen issues with media stuck in brass it's been due to putting brass in before the polish is absorbed/distributed.


I run it for 30-60 minutes to mix it all in. if yo ujust watch the media, you can see when it's no longer 'clumping' like cat liter .. lol

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I was mistaken, this time it's Lyman's case polish. The media had also cleaned a couple months worth of brass before the 223. Maybe the media is just getting too full of material from use.

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Run the brass in the tumbler without media and it will knock it loose from inside the case. After a few minutes the cases will stand upright, where you can grab a handfull, then grab the cases with the other hand so the case mouth is pointing down and hold on the inside of the tumbler wall and the vibration will help knock out any loose media. Hope this helps. Coleman

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