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  1. 124gr MG HP, Win SPP, 7.1gr Autocomp, generic 9mm brass at load length 1.165inches Gets a 172PF in a 5inch T2 comp with no ports. Edit for cartridge length.
  2. You might want to go the Indiana Gun Owners boards and do a search for them. Edited for fat fingers.
  3. I don't use the Strike Eagle on my in-line muzzle loader, I use the 2-7x32 Diamondback 2. The scope hasn't had any problems through the last couple of seasons. I don't baby my guns and this particular one has had me fall on it walking down a slightly muddy ravine. Oops, my brother thought that was funny as hell though. The only cosmetic thing I've encountered is powder residue on the bottom of the scope over the primer cap loading port. And that cleans right up with no problems. Just as an FYI, I use Triple 7 powder and Winchester 209 primers.
  4. On my Tac-20, I went with the M-Lok version and it has its own proprietary barrel nut, but the wrench for it is included. I like that one very well. Light weight and small diameter. Like the other guy, I had to cut down and recontour the front sight base.
  5. I've got a Stark (SG1 I think) grip and it pushes my hand a little farther back and down than the Magpul grips. Ugly as sin but is pretty comfortable.
  6. I was having problems with the front of the bullet getting caught in the magazine catch. Shortened the OAL to 1.243 and it fed fine.
  7. Yes, you want those tabs in place. Besides keeping dirt out of the action, they keep you from having a tore up hand!!! I don't know of anyone who makes blue grips, but you could always get some blue grip tape from Dawson. Or if you can find a set of old grip fillers for that Para, than you can do away with the grips and just use tape on the frame.
  8. VinceU1

    P-14 ultra thin grips

    I think what KMCA is talking about are the aluminum grip fillers that EGW used to sell a really long time ago. You screwed these in the gap behind where the grips mounted, filed off the screw bosses for the grips and then covered the whole shabang with grip tape. These fillers were nice, I've got a pair somewhere that I never mounted, but liked the way they filled the back of the frame. ETA, I've got a couple of pair of the VZ grips, one set for my Para and a set for my SS. The grips for the Para are no where near as grippy as the SS grips. They are nice looking, they just don't seem to grip any better than the grip tape I've put on my standard Para grips.
  9. If you can find some WC844(basically the same as H335) or WC846(basically BLC-2) use them. They meter well through my Dillon and have always worked well in my AR's
  10. Pulled out the carbide sizing ring on my Redding die. Called them up, they sent a new one. I was backup and running a couple of days later.
  11. I'd be real interested in his load as I'm starting down the 9mmMajor route myself. Anybody got info?
  12. What he said. I've been seeing a 15-20% failure rate on the Wolf SR. I've pulled that lot of ammo and use it strictly for practice.
  13. I've run thousands of them through two open guns with no problems at all. 9.3gr SP2 Zero 125gr JHP Starline .38SuperComp Win 38Super Win SR primers 172pf. The only time I've had problems with this load is when I'd switched to Wolf SR primers. I've had a 15% to 20% won't go bang failure rate with Wolf primers. One side benefit is that I've gotten extremely fast about clearing the bad round.
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