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Blaster belt!


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Hey All

Just wanted to throw some pictures (wish I could put them on the post itself!) up of my new belt that I just finished tweaking last night.

I started with a CR speed belt and built everything from kydex sheets.

The holster is the thinner kydex, which works pretty well, I might make a new holster with the .090 material.

All in all I'm pretty happy with it, I know the brass screws are a bit overboard and flashy but oh well I love GOLD!! (or brass...I can't afford gold!)

The retention on the holster is awesome, even with grip tape on the sides of the slide.

I really like the mag pouches, I know most guys out there that make their own kydex, or even sell it use a belt loop that is all one piece from the kydex pouch but I went with the small tek-lock clips and they work awesome on the CR speed belt....well after a little bit of sanding to remove and open up the mouth of the clip to receive the belt width, but after that it was smooth sailing.

The pouches are super sturdy and secure, I got a couple of good comments and inquiries at the range this weekend from some plinkers who said I should sell them, but I don't think there's a good calling for it right now with everyone buying CR products and making their own kydex gear, but heck if someone wants to have some custom molded for their mags I would be up to it!

I use a vacuum press to mold my kydex as it is way better than foam, it molds an exact copy of the material you're pressed against and you get a better starting point if you want to loosen it up after the fact. That and its really fast to vacuum the air out and get it sucked down tight.

Let me know what you think.



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Nice job there...how is the retention with a fully loaded belt? Have you tried running or jumping with it on?

Retention is great actually too great the vacuum press actually sucked the kydex into the notches in the magazine so I need to file them a bit. But overall really sturdy retention on both holster and mag pouches.


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Looks great! I think you could make money doing this. Enough to buy bullets and components anyway. I'd take six if the mag holders if you are going to be selling them. Let me know. I really like the look of the brass screws and all. Stainless socket caps would look even better.


BTW, they would be for G17 mags. I could send you one to make them, and you could send them back with the mag.

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I made my own a while back, but they didn't look half as good as those. I only have a heat gun and some mechanic's gloves and mold by hand. The gloves give enough feel but keep the hot kydex from burning my hands. I found I could tweak certain areas locally, and never had the problem of too much retention because of a press or vacuum system.

Of course, like I said, yours look way more professional than mine did, so it's quite possible you're doing it right and I'm not.

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