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  1. Just curious as to what EAA 9mm feedlips measure in at?
  2. I just picked up a P16 and am piecing together some limited mags. Looks like the wolff +10% springs are highly recommended, are people using the normal P16 length +10% springs or the extended length?
  3. Just the sides, no chamfer in the front or rear.
  4. There are different frame tang profiles. The PT/STI/2011 pattern uses a .250 radius high cut grip safetey. STI, Ed Brown, EGW, or Chip McCormick are excellent (and almost comprehensive) choices for what you need.
  5. The only model I saw was at SHOT. Loosely built with a terrible trigger.
  6. Great work. I ordered a set and found the longer pin did fit. The paddles need some reshaping though for clearance.
  7. Putting my deposit down today for mine Might as well add an SVI to my growing custom built 2011 collection.
  8. Should have bought one while I could have.....not a possibility anymore.
  9. Hardly a new trend... Most gunsmith fit barrels will come without a proper finish reamed chamber by default, and the smith can set it to whatever they want. The only exception I know of is for AET barrels, which for other reasons as well I am not a fan of. For those that do finish ream on complete guns you are probably right and they don't replace their reamers as often as they should, if reamers are used at all.
  10. They work for 2011s? Shooters connection has them, there is a note on their product page stating they aren't compatible with wide bodies. ETA: Just received a response from EGW, their hammer pins are too short for widebody frames. They will have an updated pin out in the future.
  11. I saw these at SHOT on Friday, and my impressions were very positive. The finish looked great, fit was just ok, but the triggers were the best on any stock STI I have ever felt. Better even than on some of the custom guns I own.
  12. I don't think they are stamped. Other than a magnet and being able to tell by weight I'm not sure there is a physical difference. http://www.shootersconnectionstore.com/STI-40-Tactical-LITE-40-Stocked-Item-P2516.aspx
  13. Only other than being labeled "tactical lite", I don't known of another distinction.
  14. It is offered in steel and aluminum.
  15. Yes, it can be done. Blue and red sharpie are my favorites.
  16. That match looks real familiar
  17. EE seems to work incredibly well out of the package, and has minimal creep compared to every other set I've tried from various mfgs. I must've gotten shafted on my brazos set, it dropped in at 6.5 lbs..I've been meaning to call him about it.
  18. After putting north of 40k rounds on a HC and NiB gun with a DOH kydex holster, IME they both have incredible wear properties. The only differences I have noted are: 1) HC has rusted on me - although lightly, it still rusted. 2) I don't need to oil my NiB gun, and it routinely goes 3-4k before clean and lube without a hiccup. I'm honestly suprised it isn't more popular.
  19. I cleaned up the sharp edge on this slide just now. 4 swipes with 400 grit took down the knife edge that used to be here. The right side of the hood recess is often very sharp after a tri top and is taken care of with fine diamond files. I'll also use diamond files to chamfer the ejection port.
  20. And yet, it's never taken me more than 5 minutes.
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