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slide stop spring (straight, L-shaped type)


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Anyone had a problem with theirs working its way out of the little hole in the frame enough to tilt upwards and either fall out or prevent the slide stop from working correctly? Happened to me last weekend and made for an interesting stage... After I figured out what had happened, I had to put a slight bend in the spring to fix it.

Just curious if this is common.


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Don't know if anyone cares, but I found this to be interesting.

Here is the SS spring that CZ-USA & CZ Custom have for the SP-01(which is also in my gun)


And here is one that I found on a European IPSC site


Both listed factory for SP-01...

The bends that are in the second one I think would have helped prevent the short leg from slipping out of the frame...

It seems no one else has had this problem, but it might be worth a check. I assure you that it is no fun "slingshotting" your slide 20x's to get through a stage!!! :wacko:

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I haven't cleaned my CZ's in a looooooong time so my me$ory might be faulty. .

Isn't there a little pin binds the spring and holds it in place?

There is only one pin that holds the spring in place under tension. The rest of the spring is held in place within a channel cut into the frame(a bit wider than the spring itself)with the small "leg" going into a hole in the frame. I think the problem is that the sharp edge of the channel wears/deforms a bit allowing the short leg to creep out of the hole just enough to start tilting upward (due to the upward tension). Since the leg is so short, there is not much left to hang onto... and then blammo! No more tension to hold the slide stop down...

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