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Do you need to cite all rule infractions?


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I got such an education with an issue from a few years ago, I want to get your input on something that happened a little more recently.

If a shooter commits an infraction that violates more than 1 rule, do you have to search the rulebook for all of the pertinent rules?

For example, a shooter is moving and reloading simultaneously and commits an AD. Do you DQ the shooter and cite 10.4.3 AND 10.4.6 or just one or the other? These two are closely positioned in the rulebook and could be easy to find. There might be others that are in different chapters and a bit harder to find.

Just wondering what you experienced ROs think. 10.3.2 says "reasons". I take that to mean if there is more than one infraction, all should be entered on the shooter's scoresheet for the RM.

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Be sure to cite the relevant rule. If the shooter decides to appeal the DQ and you happened to cite the incorrect rule, the shooter's appeal will be upheld and they get back into the match.

If there is more than one rule being violated, cite the relevant ones. Often though, all you ever need is just one for obvious safety infractions.

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Keep in mind that as an RO you get to consult with your CRO and RM......

Use their expertise. You've already stopped the shooter, and cleared the range. You have time to perfect the paperwork.....

And yes, if you can make a good faith argument that the competitor broke multiple rules, cite them all....

....Even if an arb committee disagrees on one, they're not likely to overturn all....

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We had a fairly unique situation last year with a competitor who broke multiple rules while DQing.

After finding 5 and listing them on the score sheet, I made a final notation that he violated Chapter 10.

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