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Stainless steel for targets?

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I recently was given several drops of stainless steel that I'd like to use as knock-down targets. I've made hundreds of targets using regular mild steel, but I have zero experience with anything stainless except that big stainless thing that keeps my beers cold. This stuff is 1/2" and 3/4" thick, so I think it would make great pistol targets.

Does stainless react any differently to bullet strikes than mild steel? I'm guessing it will be about the same, but figured I'd ask.


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It does somewhat depend on grade, but generaly it's harder and more brittle. We use a lot of disposable mild steel(A36)discs for long range rifle targets (I get them for free,perk of my job). I had some stainless disks from the scrap bin, I though I would try. At 200 yards a 107 grain 6mm bullet leaves a heavy crater on 3/8" mild, On 3/8 stainless it punched out a perfect hole with no crater, like it actually busted the hole out. From my experience your better of with regular steel.

Tip if you ever drill stainless........let an ice cube melt on it before you drill, you might have to do this a couple times depending on the thickness. It drills much easier when it's cold.

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