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glock 17 vs 1911


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I was reading in the rule booked regarding dust covers... Isn't a full length dust cover illegal for CDP and ESP? Doesn't the Glocks 17 have a full length dust cover? If that's the case, why should it be illegal for a 1911 to have a full length dust cover if it still makes weight?

Just curious if anyone knows the origin of this rule and if there is an intent to change it...

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i think the full-length dustcover only applies to steel guns. It looks to me like that rule was an attempt to ban a particular gun (sp01 maybe?) that rubbed the rulemakers the wrong way, so they wrote a rule to try to do that, then had to write a particular interpretation to provide a creative definition of what a 'modification' is to make the rule seem less like nonsense.

I wouldn't try to make sense out of it. Just use it as an excuse to buy a new gun.

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