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9mm berry's 147gr.


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I load these over W231. I love how they feel through my 19, 17, 26 and 34. Very smooth and not snappy. Obviously reloading for glocks you'll have to be aware of your OAL, as longer loads sometimes have issues in magazines. I keep them at 1.135" and have no problems at all.

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Berry's 147s in front of 4 grains of WSF for 950 fps in a steel Government Model is like shooting a .22. It makes me giggle. 3.5gr is even puffier.

I used to use it in my G17 for ladies' intro sessions as a sweet subsonic load with little blast and a gentle slide operation.

Now that we mention it, I might go back to the 147s.

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I just loaded 1000 147 Berrys over 3.5 of titegroup to run through my suppressor. Hoorah! No problems with them so far.I will say that Precision Delta is selling FMJ's a little cheaper right now.

Berrys 147gr

mixed brass

Fed primers

3.4-3.5 titegroup

Oal 1.145

out of a glock 23 with 40-9mm barrel, trident 9 suppressor lcd mount

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