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The Gamer is the guy at the Match who will bend everything and anything to their advangate to win at all costs.

When you watch a Gamer at the walk thru, they are very foucsed on the cof. Looking for any holes to slip thru. The

ones that realy piss me off are at the match safety meeting and hear the same stuff everyone else hears and still will bend the rules to justify

what they do. Well, it is a free country (unless OBama gets reelected). Just the next time you are at a match, watch the gamer.


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There is "gaming" and there is "GAMING". A readily usable hole that is well within the rules is not a problem to me. I have left big holes I did not see on some of my stages. Once exploited everyone after that shot it the same way.

I will admit that those who shoot the stage and then argue a narrow exception that because you forgot to put a comma between two words it "Could" be read as allowable are taking it a bit too far. Now the RM either has to toss the stage or declare a FA and have that shooter and anyone else who shot it the same way prior to the RM's arrival reshoot the stage gumming everything up.

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