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Passing on good deeds/favors


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Recently I have had a few members here do a solid for me. Nothing expensive, just a few small parts and some test ammo. The kind of things that are good gestures and may save a few bucks. I have always tried to pass things like that on.

Got a chance to do a small thing for a kid at work who just got his first AR. He is a temp but on the cusp of being hired full time which will double his pay. For

Now he hasn't got a lot of extra money and mentioned M&P rifle he got only came with one mag I think and he scrounged up a Pmag. Anyway I went into my used mag stash and gave him 3 GI 30s and a 20 plus a few magpul followers since only one of them had one already. The cost is negligible but he was happy.

Funny thing is he hadn't ever seen a GI 20 before and had to ask how many it held!

He is interested in getting involved and I told him I'd take him to our club sometime so he can get some info and maybe join.

Good to see a new generation taking intrest.

Keep passing on good deeds regardless of the old saying.

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I think that pretty much every member here is the type to do this stuff. I have done it for years and I bet everyone has good memories of passing on good deeds. Its priceless.

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