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Hornady Steel match Ammo

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The Black Hills Gold out shoots the Hornady in my gun. Test them both.


Black Hills is great ammo, but the cost increase is seldom worth it for 3 gun.

Black Hills 75 and 77 gr. match ammo will run anywhere from $33.00 to $43.00 per 50.

Steel Match 75 is around $21.00 per 50.

With the average rifle round count for a major match being around 150 to 200, Black Hills Match ammo will drive up a competitors cost 50-100%.

The slim (very slim) advantage in accuracy is also nullfied since you are shooting from field positions and not from a bench.

Most big matches are lost brass anyway. If we all shot Steel Match we could brass with only a big magnet :D

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Is this ammo really worth it? It looks like the best deal is 32 cents a round, but I got Federal brass 55 grain stuff locally here for 30 cents a round on sale, including a dry box. Is Hornady stuff any better?

It depends on how your rifle shoots it. My gun will shoot the 75 gr. into 3/4 moa consistently. I run Federal XM193 in the same gun and it will group about 2 1/2 moa.

I can get away with having a less than dead center hold and get a hit on a 10" plate at 300 yds. when I know that my ammo will hold a group around 3 inches. With the XM193 I will be lucky to get a hit unless I am holding dead center.

Having ammo that will hit where the sights are makes it easier. It gives you a greater cushion. The bigger the cushion = shorter stage times.

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If you consider you will be leaving the brass for $2 more per 100 the Hornady Steel Match has a Hornady HPBT Match bullet which runs about $18/100 at MIDWAY. Not sure what the Federal bullet is but Federal's website for XM193 says it’s a FMJBT, I would guess it is a less expensive bullet.

If you shoot them side by side at 100 or greater yards I would expect you to see better/smaller groups with Steel Match, I do.

For hosing up close, whatever works 100% in your gun.

If you reload and will be picking up the brass, brass might be cheaper?

It's really hard to match the cost of Steel Match with reloads unless you consider the brass free.

For the same quality bullet the reloading cost using TAC (@$23.00/lb), free brass, primers ($30/1000) and 17.49/100 55gr Hornady Match HPBT bullets is 28.7 cents/round (without any shipping costs).

So if you can get Steel Match for 30cents/ea it makes no sense to reload (for the same quality bullet) unless you have lots of time and free brass.

David E.

Some groups from this morning, 100 yards, sand bags, site picture press, sight picture press, 28 degrees:


Flier or two on the group below:



The below UMC group is only a 5 shot group.


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