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  1. Funny you should mention the mid 2000's. In 2005 I was squadded with some guys from Triangle Shooting Sports at the Cav Arms Match in Waco. These guys were fast and accurate. It was my first experience seeing high end competitors. The guy named Benny won the match and the other guy named Ty did pretty well too. The third one would have won the match, but he had a little problem with a table on a pistol stage. After seeing those guys shoot, I knew I wanted to be like them. I'm still trying.
  2. I have not been shooting 3 gun as long as some others, but my first match was almost 2 decades ago. I agree that things have changed a lot over the years, and not necessarily for the better. I have remained active and have shot a number of majors in the last 10 years. I had to take a break over the past 12 months due to medical issues and recently made my return to competition at a major. My, my, how a little time off let's you see the forest. My return lined up with a very successful match that has been running for 4 years. This was my first time to shoot in it because of past scheduling issues. I was excited to finally get to shoot in it, but my excitement turned into meh as the match went on. The match was supposed to be 10 stages, but weather forced one to be thrown out and we ended up with 9 stages for score. No biggie that a stage was pulled, but we still had enough targets to cover a 15 stage match. Rifle and pistol were pretty even, but shotgun was a major part of 8 of the stages. I say it was a major part because there were 15+ shotgun targets on each one. I DO like shooting shotgun, but not that much. It became a shotgun loading festival and target placement was haphazard. Some of the stages had knock down steel that required a minimum of a modified choke to even scare the target and the shooting area was a fixed position so you couldn't get any closer. It was really hard on the new shooters who are trying to figure the game out and show up with basic equipment. I inquired about this with other shooters and they indicated that this is the norm and not particularly different from other matches. I didn't encounter problems since I had a wide range of gear accumulated over the years, but I was disappointed in how things have changed. I started shooting 3 gun in 2002 at a local match as a young police officer with a .40 Beretta, 4+1 Remington 870, and a borrowed AR-15 A2. Rifle targets were small and took skill to hit, but were still under 200 yards. Pistol was a mix of paper and pepper poppers, and buckshot was required for shotgun. I did fairly well, but I found a lot of deficiencies in my shooting and decision making. I loved that the stages were scenario based and technical. The match designers put a lot of thought, effort, and props in the 2 stages on bays and the 3 others were set in natural terrain. I really enjoyed the martial aspect of the match a decided right there that I was going to use that match to improve my skill set. That match has continued to run for the past 17 years and I have been helping with stage design to maintain the martial aspect and new shooter friendliness. Keeping this flavor to the match and the sheer number of competing matches has resulted in a decline in the number of shooters. Even with the decline there is a bright spot because many shooters are first time competitors. Some may move on to "mainstream" 3 gun, but hopefully others will return and bring a friend. I started shooting competitively too late to get in on the old SOF match, but I did get a taste at Resurgence 2016. Maybe the minds behind that one can dream up another. As for me, I plan on branching out and enjoying other matches like the Nightforce 2 Rifle match and some low level precision rifle. (I shot a PRS match last year and won't do that again. The lack of organization, safe handling practices, and outright BS was monumental.) I spent a lot of time on YouTube during my convalescence and the 2 gun (rifle/pistol) matches look pretty interesting too.
  3. We didn't have anyone in manual. I ended up being the only US competitor in Standard. I saw a combination of rifles to include a variation of the Remington 7600 (it may have been a 7615P), a custom Remington 700 in 308 complete with S&B PM II scope, and at least one Enfield. Of course the Russians were using the pump action AK variant. Pics: The Rem belonged to the RO AK on the sight in range The Loaner (which I was grateful to get a chance to shoot due to my poor flight planning).
  4. I can see from your pictures that you definitely have a firing pin issue. The particles in the picture of the metal pieces look like pieces of primer anvil and cup. Without closer inspection I can only suggest a couple of causes. One is that the tip fractured and enough remained to allow for primer ignition. Since the tip was jagged and did not fully come into contact with the cup, the resulting pressure inside the case blew the primer parts through the firing pin hole in the bolt face and into the channel. You need to inspect your fired cases to see if ther spent primers are intact. Number two is that you had an existing chamber pressure problem or a long nosed firing pin that was causing pierced primers Eventually the pierced primers let enough gas through and it cut the firing pin tip down along with the opening in the bolt face allowing for the primer debris to get past. Get hold of a replacement firing pin and make sure that the bolt face has not been burned through. When checking to see if the bcg moves freely in the upper, you need to have the fp installed. If you install the cam pin and do not have the fp installed, it can rotate and hang up in the upper. The cam pin must be aligned properly so the corners will clear when the bcg moves beyond the cam pin relief area in the upper receiver. These are only 2 possibilities. I hope this helps. Kuan
  5. I have always found PMC brass to be a bit soft in both .308 and .223. I got those marks and nice big ejector swipes when I used to load it. Kuan
  6. If you can co-witness with iron sights, try leaving your rear sight in place with the large aperture up. A buddy of mine suffers from astigmatism and it really helped him. I don't know how it helps, but he was happy with it. Kuan
  7. Sorry for the delay on responding to the inquiry about a barrel swap on the G2. I could not find anyone who could produce a barrel extension so I could simply set another one up. Also there are no manufacturers of barrel extension wrenches to pull it from the G2 barrel. I took the barrel assembly and milled two flat spots opposite of each other on the barrel approximately 1/2 inch forward of the barrel extension. I ended up with a perfect fit for a 7/8 inch open end wrench. I secured the barrel extension in my barrel vise with a good bit of rosin and moderate clamping pressure. A little turn of the wrench and it was free. I was going real easy seeing how replacement barrel extensions are unobtainable. Chamber end thread dimensions are 0.930 x 20 tpi with forward shoulder at 1.325. Kuan
  8. Don't get too wrapped around the axle when it comes to 308 pattern AR set up. My 16" mid length Noveske N6 (early gun AR10B) has served well for the past 4 years of competing mainly He Man and HTO. The only addition is an adjustable gas block and a good trigger. I run full power 155 ammo. It pushes you around a bit, but is utterly reliable and laughs at wind. 308's are not the LEGO set that the 223's are. They are tricky to get set up correctly. Once you get it running right, leave it be and shoot a lot. I don't look down on M1 As either. I pulled mine out of mothballs this past spring to take He-Man Nationals and again in the fall for Resurgence. It is pretty tough to beat for a irons gun. Currently I am working up a 21 inch barrel DPMS G2. I took my pull off barrel for my Remington 700 and swapped it out with the lightweight 14.5 I had in the gun I put the barrel on a little diet and now the G2 has a weight and sight radius the same as the M1A. I am hoping to achieve the best of both worlds. M1A handling and reduced recoil from G2 with AR controls. Kuan
  9. Tuff Products nylon mag pouch holds 8 single stack with bullets oriented outward in a 7 inch wide span on your belt. I leave it on my belt regardless of the number of mags I plan on carrying. For rifle it depends on target count. If I think I can complete the stage with the mag already in the gun, I will carry one mag on my belt in case the 1st mag takes a crap while shooting the stage. I will run 2 mags on my belt if the course looks like a RM3G rifle stage with 24 targets. Kuan
  10. "Shrinking" duty belt ! We must be keeping them in the same place . I had to find a bigger one for Resurgence last month. Heck, you could add sights to that shotgun and shoot everything else as is at Resurgence in 2017!
  11. With a good gun like a Wingmaster all you need is a Remington OEM 21" VR barrel (remchokes) from Midway USA for $199 and throw on a Nordic Components +6 extension with the heavy duty spring (full length and uncut). Put it all together and shoot it until you wear it out. That will run you about $300 and will cover 95% of you shotgunning needs. I had the same issue out running the mag tube when I tried to go with more than 10 iin it (I do the same thing with the Nova/Supernova). Reducing to a 10+1 setup with the heavy spring remedied that. I keep a couple of extra springs on hand and swap them out every 500 rounds or so. They are only $7.00 each, so it turns into an inexpensive remedy. All other mods to the loading port can be done with some files, sandpaper, and lots of elbow grease. I did the whole modification to the timing cuts on the action bars and found that there is a point of diminishing returns. If you try and add too much material to the secondary cut, it will cause the live shell to squirt out a little too early and sit on top of the lifter while you are still extracting the spent shell from the chamber. The Remington receiver is slim and trim in this area and 2 items trying to occupy the same place leads to headaches. I tried multiple sets of bars cut at different points and settled on the original cuts. The biggest thing to the shotgun is making sure it fits you right (paging Patrick Kelley....) and how smoothly you can run it. A hit for each pull of the trigger and smooth movement from target to target will get you further than anything else. Go shoot and have fun with your 870 and somewhere down the line you find yourself shooting with someone that has a Nova and you can compare notes. That's the best attribute to 3 gunners. I have never met one that was not willing to help you out at a match or didn't offer to let you run their gear for a few rounds to see if you like it as much as they do. Never count an old Rem out. Kuan
  12. I did not try any other combinations. The H3 and Armalite spring combo was OEM from Noveske in the N6. I ran with that combo when I converted my GII. No reason to mess with success. Kuan
  13. Also check the recoil / action spring. A buddy of mine hadn't cleaned his In a few years and the first inch of the spring tube was so gummed up that the spring follower would hardly get all of the way to the front. Kuan
  14. I would go with the A5 system if you want maximum flexibility. In the 3 gun world, the potential for increased accuracy by having a more "consistent" locking of the bolt in the barrel extension is not likely to have any effect on shooting performance. I would dare to guess that a more consistent lockup would maybe earn you 0.25 MOA if you even notice it at all. When it comes to the 308 caliber AR, make sure that your gun runs reliably. The large frame 308's are not quite the same LEGO set that the 5.56 size are. There is a little more tweaking to get all of the timing right. I don't know the exact weight of a GII rifle buffer, but the three tungsten weights in the H3 carbine buffer will reduce the amount of carrier bounce that you will experience. All carriers bounce when they travel forward and strike the barrel extension and heavier buffers reduce the size of the bounce. Reducing the amount of gas via the adjustable gas block would be just fine with a standard weight carbine buffer, but if you are looking to replicate the rifle size buffer performance, go with the H3. I have been doing all of my own smithing since I started getting semi-serious about this 3 gunning thing. It doesn't hurt that I have a buddy with a mill and a lathe that he doesn't use much. Kuan
  15. My rifle started out the same way. I began with a 26" heavy with fixed stock and went to work on it. After accuracy testing I cut it down to 18" and had to open up the gas port a little to compensate for the reduction in barrel length past the gas port. I switched out the rifle recoil system and used an A5 length receiver extension with an H3 carbine buffer and Armalite AR-10 Carbine length spring. Felt recoil was slightly increased, but that was more a result of the rifle shedding a few pounds. Accuracy was unchanged from the 26" length. The Armalite spring and H3 buffer combination has been perfect. It is the same combination that came with my Noveske N6. The GII has a smaller and lighter bolt carrier, but this combo works great in it. On a side note, accuracy is still great even though the rifle has undergone more transformations. It is now cut down to 14.5 and the gas system has been reduced to mid-length and the barrel has been re-profiled again. It weighs in at 7.7 lbs without optic or suppressors and tags everything you aim at out to 800 yards. A Syrac gas block allows easy gassing from suppressed to unsuppressed. GII's are good stuff. You're going to like it. Kuan
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