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308 Lapua

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I am hoping to get some advice on a problem that I am having with Lapua brass.

The problems is that when I load it on the Super 1050,every now and then the loaded round will not let the bolt of my rifle close.

Is this a common problem with this brass? I have the die set as per the manual maybe even a little harder than it should be. The length of the round is well within the reloading manuals Recommendations.

I have used this press to load .270 and never had this problem with it.

Should I try and wind the sizing/depriming die down even more or should, I use some other die rather than the Dillon Die.

Thanks in advance to any reply

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Sounds to me like the shoulder isn't getting bumped enough. Lapua brass is highly sought after in the precision world due to its consistency. Ive got maybe a handfull of pieces here and there but I don't load it. I would take the piece of sized brass that won't work and use it to reset the die to where it will work and go from there.

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