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WST 6" Load Data


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ive searched the forums for a load data for WST and have only found data for 5" guns with heavy bullets like 180gr and above ...

i was wondering if any 6" limited shooters out there have a data for 170 gr Precisions or 165 Montana gold bullets...i usually have my OAL's at 1.15

if there is a thread about this already please point me the right way as my "Search fu" did not help me find it...Thanks

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not a 6 inch gun but i loaded for a g35 4.8-5.0 wst at 1.135 with a prec 170. i dont have the exact #'s but 4.8 was too close to pf so i went with 5.0. pf prob around 170-175 and 5.3" stock glock barrel. i have found cocobolo to have good info on this. check his posts.

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not to drift the thread but here is my load data:

g34 3.3 wst /147 precision/1.135/wsp/ l28pf

g35 4.6 wst /185 precision/1.135/wsp/174pf

g35 4.0 wst /200 bayou/1.130/wsp/168pf

g35 4.5 wsf /200 bayou/1.130/wsp/170pf

g35 5.2 wsf /185 precision/1.135/wsp/172pf

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For What It's Worth !

I have a Para 16-40 5" and a STI Eagle .40 6" can't tell much difference. Use a CED M-2 Chrono.

Here's 2 I like a lot and very accurate.

165 RNFP Plated Bulletworks, 4.7 gr WST.

165 RNFP Plated Rainier, 4.8 gr VV N320.

Chrono the loads you work up and make lil changes, better safe than sorry.

Happy Holidays,


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