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Earn money from YouTube videos?

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You can, but you are not going to make big bucks.

If you are a website publisher, it is the same google ads, same account, except the ads are on the videos.

People click, you will make money, anywhere from a few cents per click, up to a few bucks, depending on the content.

google has a min payout of $100.

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There is one guy who does random ass car demos. He'll demo a 1974 Buick like it's the greatest car ever, I mean he does a very very thorough walk around and test drive. I read about him in a mag article. He started off making about .30 over 3 months. He now averages $5k A MONTH! He topped out at $6600 in one month.

Saabkyle04 is his youtube id.

I have not signed any of my videos up for money. One, I don't get many views (I don't sing "Friday" or review cars). Two, I don't want ads cluttering up what I'm trying to watch.

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The thing to remember with YouTube is that once you post a video to their site... they own the license.

."..YouTube always allows the owners to retain ownership of their work. But what they require in their terms of service is that you grant to YouTube a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual license to freely sub-license, re-distribute, re-publish, monetize, and whatever they may want to do with your video. They're basically requiring that you grant YouTube all of the same rights that you have with your video, short of turning over your rights to them.” (I.e., assigning to YouTube your complete rights.)


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