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20 gauge slug help


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I know nothing about slugs and dont even recall ever firing one. I bought a girlfriend a fully rifled youth model 20 gauge, that fits her LOP perfectly. I have a decent scope for it. This gun will only be used for shooting slugs.

Based on data I am reading the high velocity Hornady SST's sabot and Federal Premier Barns sabots are the way to go with these guns. I also noticed the manufacturers are how should I say. "Extremely proud" of these rounds.

So my plan is to buy a few boxes of $4 a box slugs to zero at 50 and then use for short range practice, and then I am hoping to be at leat on paper at 100 to zero with the hornady sst's at 100.

Can you shoot the older style rifled slugs in a rifled barrel ? will it lead the rifleing terribly ? Is there a low price slug I should get instead for practice/ initial "get on paper " shots that is generally available at Wallyworld type places ?

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Quick answer - YES! :roflol: I have seen guys buy the top of the line slug guns and slugs only to be outdone with a person shooting a Rem 870 with a $2.50 box of Remington Sluggers.

If you want another slug option give Lightfields a try. Tons of weights and sizes to choose from but VERY accurate. I have shot them from smooth and rifled bores with great success.


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The standard Rem 5/8 oz slugs work great out of rifled barrel.....but if you want a little more power, Reminton makes the same slug at about 400fps faster (I think) and they work very well also.

And.....they are both a standard 'foster' style slug (cheap!!!)

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"Based on data I am reading the high velocity Hornady SST's sabot and Federal Premier Barns sabots are the way to go with these guns."

At least in 12ga anyway, those are the NASTIEST recoiling shotgun shells I've ever fired. (Besides being damn expensive.) I'm no recoil wimp by any means, but I gave up on those right quick.

Federal and Winchester BRI style hour glass sabots work well, but the projectile is very small in 20 ga.

There's Remington copper jobbers.

Lightfield makes an affordable sabot that looks like a big pellet gun pellet that shoots pretty well in a few of my slug guns.

Brenneke KO sabot are nearly as cheap as regular slugs but shot very well in a few guns. They're pretty much like fosters slugs inside a shot shell wad, but work well. I really started using more of the Lightfield and Brenneke's toward the end of my serious slug shooting days, just for the price alone.

As for traditional fosters slugs in a rifle barrel, I don't trust them. For me they were always inconsistent. 2 or 3 would shoot well, then #4 would totally miss the backer board.

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