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  1. Bigpops

    New SCSA Classification System

    Thanks Scott - though I am fuzzy on this one! And....while on the topic. I see many comments concerning the BOD and a new Prez fixing things. I urge all of you to step up. As a matter of fact Area 8 needs a new AD as of next year. Now is your chance to show us how it is done. Steve
  2. Bigpops

    New SCSA Classification System

    I was just made aware of this thread, thanks Scott. I don't make it a practice to hop around and address all of the forums and discussions - I have a job too. I sent a few emails and hopefully can answer your questions soon. I honestly do not have an answer on what is taking place. We approved it but as a BOD member I do not implement s/w changes. Thanks for the support! Steve (Area 8)
  3. Bigpops

    How much space in between presses?

    I have mine spaced as far apart as possible. I find it useful especially when loading different calibers.....no chance of mixing up powders, primers, etc.
  4. Happy to have you back Gary!............................. (bring beer)
  5. oops, we posted at the same time. Yes, F'burg and Alexandria or close to DC. Just be aware....DC traffic is the BEST (insert sarcasm here)
  6. ATBARR, I am sure someone in the area would be more than happy to store your guns for you while you visit DC. But as already stated...NO GUNS in DC. For that matter no ammo either. If you cant find anyone local I would be more than happy to hold them for you. I am in Maryland, 1.5 hours south of DC. Steve
  7. 2015 EGW Area 8 USPSA Championship - Aug 27-30, Fredericksburg Va. Fill em out and send em in! Steve 2015_EGW_AREA_8_USPSA_CHAMPIONSHIP_MATCH_REG_FORM.pdf
  8. and....."cut"! Its a wrap, see you all next year! Steve
  9. We have 240 Open Revo shooters, 1 GM Limited on crutches, 1 very good looking Open Master....and a few "constant complaining" Production shooters (you know who you are) Seriously, we dont have those stats yet. As a matter of fact we STILL have folks signing up! (no joke as of 2 minutes ago - 3 more shooters) If we have time we will post that info but it is not a huge priority right now - sorry. Steve
  10. We even scared off that little hurricane! Weather looks good. Stages look great. Its all coming together! See you all very soon! Steve
  11. The anticipation is killing me! (no really)
  12. Sorry for the confusion folks. We have been just a tad bit busy. Steve
  13. http://www.uspsa.org/squadding/index.php?action=list&indx=297
  14. My number one choice would be Richmond - easy in and easy out. I guess the next would be Dulles. Reagan and BWI will have you driving around DC....what a pleasure that is.
  15. Once they are approved they will be posted.