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  1. Bigpops

    New SCSA Classification System

    Thanks Scott - though I am fuzzy on this one! And....while on the topic. I see many comments concerning the BOD and a new Prez fixing things. I urge all of you to step up. As a matter of fact Area 8 needs a new AD as of next year. Now is your chance to show us how it is done. Steve
  2. Bigpops

    New SCSA Classification System

    I was just made aware of this thread, thanks Scott. I don't make it a practice to hop around and address all of the forums and discussions - I have a job too. I sent a few emails and hopefully can answer your questions soon. I honestly do not have an answer on what is taking place. We approved it but as a BOD member I do not implement s/w changes. Thanks for the support! Steve (Area 8)
  3. Bigpops

    How much space in between presses?

    I have mine spaced as far apart as possible. I find it useful especially when loading different calibers.....no chance of mixing up powders, primers, etc.
  4. Happy to have you back Gary!............................. (bring beer)
  5. oops, we posted at the same time. Yes, F'burg and Alexandria or close to DC. Just be aware....DC traffic is the BEST (insert sarcasm here)
  6. ATBARR, I am sure someone in the area would be more than happy to store your guns for you while you visit DC. But as already stated...NO GUNS in DC. For that matter no ammo either. If you cant find anyone local I would be more than happy to hold them for you. I am in Maryland, 1.5 hours south of DC. Steve
  7. 2015 EGW Area 8 USPSA Championship - Aug 27-30, Fredericksburg Va. Fill em out and send em in! Steve 2015_EGW_AREA_8_USPSA_CHAMPIONSHIP_MATCH_REG_FORM.pdf
  8. That was ruff, but my gun runs 100 percent again now. I will have to head up that way some time to check our your range. Post some photos.

  9. Steve is a great guy and mentor!

  10. Great guy. Purchased an item from him and would again in a heart beat.

  11. ?

    1. cyburg



      Two questions for you. Are you shooting the nc state championships? Second, I am looking at getting either the 650 w case and bullet feeder or the 1050. I am shooting 38 super and 40. Talk to me. Thoughts



    2. Bigpops


      Yes I am...Sunday I believe. Hmmm, I have never owned a 650, just the 550 and now 2 1050's. I love the 1050. First thing I bought for it was the bulletfeeder. With Cindi and I both shooting I need to be able to load rounds quickly, not spend all night doing so. Another nice feature is that the rounds are accurate in grains thrown and OAL. If you can afford it...1050 all the way.

      Sorry for the delay...I just saw your messege.


  12. This fellow has some real class!