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One for one on steel


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This past weekend at the Michigan Sectional I set the goal of going one for one on all steel. What I really wanted to do was shoot all Alphas and call every shot but I have been having issues with steel so I figured I'd specifically work on the steel shots. Well I'm happy to report that I did it!!! I also only left one D on the only array in the match I didn't have great focus on the sights. I hit one NS when my foot slipped on a fault line as I was firing. I quickly made that one up so I'm not that pissed at that one. I made up one shot that turned out to be an Alpha but I couldn't call the shot at all so I'm happy I did it. Made up two Charlies because I thought they might be close to being Deltas.

I didn't mention my goal to anyone at first in case things went bad but then about half way through I was feeling pretty good so I mentioned it to a few squad mates and they were all very supportive. I'm just bummed I don't have any more major matches this year to do even better in.

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3rd place overall in Production at 82% and high B. I felt like I was going reallllly slow and my times were definitely not the fastest but I can't argue with the 82%. I think I was operating with a level of focus that I don't usually operate at, and because of that I was wasting a bit of time. I'm going to work on that for the next few practices and see what I can accomplish.

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" I felt like I was going reallllly slow "

Your brain cannot measure time when it is fully engaged.

Therefore, this feeling should be ignored.

Your goal is a good one and should be a mode of operation, not just a temporary goal.

A steel target is an alpha after all, and isn't that your job?


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I still think about the one steel at the 2004 or 5 Nationals that required a second shot. All match it seemed like I couldn't miss steel, because whenever I pointed the gun at steel I could see the black front sight in contrast. Static, on the move, coming into positions and starting on steel, or backing out and leaving on the steel, it seemed I couldn't miss.

Until, on one stage I was focusing on moving quickly around a table while shooting steel....

Ah, arrogance.....

I learned how to see at that match.....

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