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Broken ejector


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My ejector seems to have broken off at the point where it meets the frame. Almost none of the ejector stick out past the frame.

Gun cycles and ejects without any problems.

Will this cause and damage to the gun if i run this way?



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Hello: If it is working fine, are you sure it is broken? If it is a 45acp they use a short ejector anyways. My 9mm Open pistol has a very short ejector and it functions great. If the angles are correct or got broken close to correct it will be fine. Thanks, Eric

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most of the time the ejector breaks due to contact with a magazine edge or heavy contact when the mag is loaded against the rounds.

This has occured to me personally twice, with a 9mm eagle and with my 40 edge, I replaced both ejectors(the guns still cycled) with egw ejectors and made sure the underneath of the ejector is adjusted and the top left edge of my magazines are reduced a little accordingly.

a correctly designed pad on the bottom of the magazine could help over insertion or heavy handed insertion of the mag.

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The stock ejector on the Edge I used to own broke off, probably from my mag changes which are, ah done with vigor (heavy handed :D ). Gun continued to run fine though. I like the Brazos tuned barstock ejector; the underside of the ejector is already contoured.

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