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What a day! (Now with video of my DQ!)


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Oh man, today was a bitch.

Two weeks ago I took the RO class. Just got certified this week, so today's match was the first as an RO.

Second stage of the day I was engaging a 4-target array on the move that was in close, trigger froze on the last shot, so I shot the last shot SHO when I was past the target. I knew what I did the instant it happened and stopped myself - so I'm done shooting for the day.

But wait, it gets better. On the VERY NEXT STAGE, I was running the timer for my buddy who was ROing me when I got DQed. The stage has the shooter moving all the way down the right side of the bay and then back up again in sort of a shallow J. My buddy turned the corner, started reloading, and 180ed.

So I ended up DQing the guy who DQed me on the stage prior. We took the RO class together too :roflol:

Oh well, we had a good time running the paper and timer for the rest of the day and I got some good RO experience.

Live and learn I guess.



"Feet got a little bit ahead of the hands"... thanks Larry :D

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Pay back is a bitch, ain't it? :roflol:

Next time, it won't happen, right?

And kudos for staying and working the match! :cheers:

Yeah... for me. It was probably worse on me than him. I felt pretty bad when I got DQed but felt AWFUL on the other end of it.

Yeah I sure hope it won't happen again :D Thanks.

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Had a bad stage today, my red fiber optic didn't show-up very well on the red pepper poppers :rolleyes: . Wasted several rounds trying to hit them, and ran out of ammuntion :wacko:

I just have to ask....What division? And how many mags did you carry?

Limited Division. The course was 30 or 32 rounds, and mostly pepper poppers at a distance of approximately twenty-five yards (maybe further), shooting through low ports. My magazines hold seventeen rounds, with one magazine in the pistol...two magazines on the hip.

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You are a true advocate/benefit to the sport. Thank you for sharing your story. It could happen to any one of us. We all make mistakes and putting yourself out there shows that you value the sport above your ego. We will learn from your mistake as much as you did. It could have been anyone of us...but not all would have offered to help fellow shooters.

Thanks You sir,


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DQ'ed at the Reno Nationals...1st day, 2nd stage. Plane did not leave until Sunday Morning.

At least I did not waste a bunch of match type ammo!!!

Got a fun Job with Greg (Chronoman) and "Mom" Leatham working the Chronograph stage the rest of the week. Probably the best time I ever had at the Nationals.

Oh, they let me work in the stats room for about an hour!!! Then "assigned" me to Chrono Stage!

Ya know, it's things just like you describe that makes this sport so much fun. Most of us can make mistakes, laugh at ourselves, give our buddies a hard time and still can't wait until the next match.

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