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Where to get parts?


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I hate to talk negatively about folks, but DO NOT use XD Guys. It took them 6 months to fill my order. I cancelled it twice but was never refunded. It was difficult getting them on the phone or through email. Eventually the order just showed up. To their credit, they did try to make it right by sending some extra stuff, but I wouldn't order from them again. I don't think they are intentionally trying to provide poor service, I just think they can't handle the store and their full time jobs. There have been several other folks on xdtalk that have had issues with them as well. Use http://www.pistolgear.com or go straight to Springfield. SA has replaced my striker indicator and grip safety spring under warranty. They shipped the parts to me in less than a week.

You can also get parts from a few of the forum sponsors like:




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I have used xd guys and pistol gear xd guys took a month to fill the order and charge me. Although I cant get springfield to help me with anything without mailing them the gun the customer service is outstanding but just getting the part shipped would less headache.

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