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    New toys!

    KWA PTP 1911 comes in 4 models each are a little different.... I have the MkIV and love it! All metal 1.1 replica with gbb slide and 14 round magazine. 340+ fps with 25grn bbs, $165 from most online retailers. Kwausa.com
  2. Search "My dry fire training tool" members ID is CSPCRX
  3. XDmgunner


    Check out DAA PDR low-ride
  4. Check out BAM airsoft for training gear and tips... KWA makes an blowback airsoft pistol that pretty accurately mimics the CZ75.
  5. Thanks for all the information... My range is pretty remote and alot of times I'm the only one there, so I thought it a good idea I have the skills and equipment to deal with a serious injury. Thanks for all the advice!
  6. Work requires a yearly first aid CPR AED qualification... but my intention is to seek further training.
  7. check out the KWA pro shop for upgrades... they also have a great online tech forum. So far my stock KWA1911 has been great, no need for improvement at this point. Happy training!
  8. Boycotting Starbucks for following the law... makes perfect sense! I hate to break it to the NGAC but it didn't work before and it won't work this time around. I think I'll buy coffee for the office that day.
  9. Make sure you are using high quality bbs... tolerances are pretty tight and lesser quality bbs get stuck. KWA has a technical forum on there site so give that s try for answers as well.
  10. Hey folks, I'm looking for some recommendations on compact trauma kits.... something I can throw in my range bag. Or a good list of essential items so I can put one together myself. Thanks in advance for your input.
  11. I just picked up the MK IV a few days ago and so far love it... fits in my 1911 holsters, has good power and is quite accurate. Fit and finish is great the blow back is crisp, sights are adequate. I'm sure the ATP will be just as good. Let us know what you decide and how it works for you.. happy training!
  12. One of my favoites.... A man said to the universe "Sir I exist" "However," replied the universe, "The fact has not created in me a sense of obligation."
  13. What about a short brim "utility cover" style.... they can be found with adjustable backs and have a shorter brim than most ball caps...
  14. You may have already made your choice but if not my advice would be go to your local range and rent the pistols you are most interested in... run a few rounds thru each one and make your choice based on how well you can perform with each.... you'll be much more confident competing with a pistol you already know you shot well, or at least are comfortable with.
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