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BL550, new blue

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Ok, first I didn't know that Dillon had this available...

My history:

My load bench initially consisted of a Co-Ax that I learned to load on, this was a great press and I loved it as it had some GOOD leverage for .338 Lapua compressed rounds and was REALLY easy to convert calibers due to the universal spring loaded shell plate. I then used a Lee hand press for depriming, I don't think I ever tried loading on it. Eventually when I learned the basics of loading I jumped to the Dillon XL650 with accessories, somehow I broke a shellplate but Dillon made it right but I don't recall how it broke but it took out a few things... (Aluminum roller handle makes things too effortless sometimes.) I then watched a buddy load on a Hornady LNL progressive who after igniting a primer tube he boxed it up and sent it back then upgraded to a Dillon RL550. I thought the RL550 was a pretty good press, simple, lots of room, and less stuff to change when converting calibers... I then sold a SVI in .38 Super to a buddy then got him setup to reload with a RL550 package. (I liked the press even more.)

So I got my brother started with firearms and then to precision rifles. I moved in with him and took most of my reloading gear and taught him how to reload.... Well I moved out but he kept the Co-Ax and the LEE hand press, he also bought a LEE Classic Cast press for larger calibers that the Co-Ax wouldn't clear.


So I get ready to load up some .38spl a week ago and no press, the only press that I have is the XL650 and don't have the caliber conversion for it... Today I ordered a BL550, can act as a single stage and allows me to load the .338 Lapua again. No need to mess with a case feeder, and no powder measure to deal with when using the AT500 powder die and funnel. I can't wait until it gets here, planning on loading .45-70, .338 Lapua, and .308. I don't know if it can load precision rounds like the Co-Ax but for being $10 more than the Co-Ax and being in stock unlike the CoAx I am willing to try it. (I wasn't referring to needing precision .45-70 rounds either.)

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From my understanding it is a RL550 without the auto-prime and the powder measure... It operates the same as the RL550 with the hand rotating shellplate. A bit of savings over the out of the box full featured RL550.

I like to use a hand primer for my BIG cases while I watch TV or movies, and I like using my RCBS chargemaster for the powder dispensing. So I insert the primered case into the resizing station with decapping pin removed, then run it to the AT500 powder station where I dump my pre-measured powder pan into the funnel, then to the bullet seating station, and last is a crimp die depending on the caliber.

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Like the picture shows, the BL550 doesn't have the powder measure, primer feeder, or any other bells and whistles. It is just a base 550 frame with the shellplate manual index and a toolhead for dies. Oh, and a handle.

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