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  1. Sc0

    M17 or 320 X5 for idpa?

    M17 with the X5 grip assembly, best of both worlds.
  2. Best accuracy that your able to get at 50yds from a Tanfo? Ideas to increase accuracy?
  3. Tighten up the rail fit and remove the flex from the trigger...
  4. When looking up modifying magazines i came across a picture of using a drill bit's round shape to spread the lips apart and a drill press to apply the force. They had a vice holding the mag tube as well, guess this process is repeatable with very small increments.
  5. So PD has a mill? Perhaps mill the slide to fit the dot, and then modify something like a RDS cover from a CZ to fit for going back to irons? https://czcustom.com/cz-parts-all/red-dot-mounting/rds-plate-fixed-sh-sight.html (Able to D/T an S3 frame for a barricade shroud?)
  6. Possible Multi-Sight platform? I like it!
  7. Yup, both are right! I have a frame stamped 13 and one stamped 16 in the inside trigger area. The 16 frame has the lightened backstrap and the reprofiled dustcover that is beveled at the end. The 13 frame has no bevel but it's a little thinner around the picatinny rail and has more metal in the backstrap. Of course then you have the hand finished portion, the 13 frame is a wee bit wider at .997 vs the 16 frame which is at .990. (The 13 frame is a .40, 16 frame is 9mm.) Need to stop fiddling with them and shoot more...
  8. Yes, both are S3's except one is setup as SAO with magwell for Limited class while the other still retains double action capability for Production. New one is a 2017 which is tight in the holster, the older pistol is the loose one.
  9. Been practicing my draw and par times on my stock 3's with a Ghost holster and discovered something. My limited pistol slides in and out of the holster REALLY easy, I have to almost tighten the thumb screws fully to just have tension on the pistol. Now my production pistol is MUCH tighter in the same holster with the thumb screws almost falling off. After about 50 insertions involving the pistol scraping a lot of plastic out, it is starting to smooth out. I can't wait to get the mic to compare them. Guess quality control tolerances apply to the entire pistol and not just the internals...
  10. Think the X simplified the adjustments so less that would come loose. On my magnetic RM I had to file/sand the delrin block to fit the trigger guard for the system to work properly. (I had to do the same treatment on the Glock inserts for all my plastic pistols to fit as well.)
  11. file/grind the screws down to fit? I have a pair of EGD grips with shortened PD stainless grip screws with reshaped smaller heads to fit the screw pocket reliefs. The EGD grip screws had some quality control problems and the PD screws were a lifesaver!
  12. USPSA Production legal modification? Seen different answers when searching different forums on the same topic. Would like to Metaloy/Melonite my frame and slide on a Stock 3, I would like to incorporate any machining before these finishes are applied.
  13. On my recent Stock3 I had to hammer the front sight out and hammer the DP sight in. If your having those problems, you might need to break out the green loctite #620 bearing mount compound to use in the dovetail before inserting the sight. I would say that the #620 Green stuff is nastier than the red stuff. On a side note, those tiny screws on the DP sight should be larger.
  14. Sc0

    Beretta Fusion

    Steel frame! http://www.beretta.com/en/premium-world/92-fs-fusion/
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