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  1. When I tried the lightened Henning firing pin I had issues in DA with a 14lb hammer spring. Went back to the stock firing pin and ZERO issues since, PD offers a heavier and extended firing pin if needed. Stock3 PD reduced trigger spring PD reduced sear spring PD 14lb hammer spring BOLO Titan Hammer 1pc sear OEM trigger bar spring
  2. I am just starting out and have an Area 4 match next week... 7ea DAA single stack pouches, Bladetec Holster, BOSS hanger. .45acp Springfield RO shooting 230gr for Major, ICE magwell, extended button mag release, Dawson USPSA basepads on CMC Powermags. Once more experience is gained I will start shedding mags to lighten the load.
  3. If you replace IDPA with NRA Precision Pistol then you should be good to go...
  4. Would replace the MIM components and eventually have it rebarreled for tighter lockup. Have 4ea RO's in different calibers and for a competition gun I would start with the above, OEM barrel and bushing fitment is "serviceable".
  5. They are local and have bought parts from plus had gunsmithing performed, no problems at all. 1911, Glock, and Tanfo work.
  6. Can anyone machine a RDS lower on the slide? SIG should just sell the pieces and allow the shooter to put it together his/her way, would eliminate extra costs and leftover parts.
  7. The CMC RPM .45 8rd mags do not accept Dawson floorplates made for CMC Power Mags.
  8. Just ran 8ea stainless Metalform 10rd 9mm mags in MY Springfield RO and only had one issue with a round hitting the feed ramp causing a stoppage out of 100rds. This was using a Ed Brown extended mag release if that makes a difference. Only thing bad I could say about them was that I was blinded a few times as it was sunny outside...
  9. Have the same issue and thought about getting rid of it, will be breaking out the Dremel and keeping it now....
  10. This seems to be the best priced steel framed 92 option. I am also planning on one because, why not? This was built for shooters since it has a proper thumb safety and the shorter reach vertec frame. I REALLY like the fusion frame and slide but Beretta went stupid on the pricing and limited blah blah blah... I probably wouldn't mind it if Beretta sold bare frames and slides...
  11. The older EAA Steel Compacts with the Wonderfinish fall into those requirements... (Could venture into looking at the CZ75, PCR, P01 Compacts.) Am waiting for someone to bring in a large frame compact with the square trigger guard competition frame...
  12. Not bad pricing, when I grabbed one a few months ago they were at $450. LOK grips just announced some Thin options for them. I installed the Elite hammer and D spring, am still contemplating doing the "G" drop in parts since they are laying around. Definitely wasn't happy seeing the whole paragraph etched on the slide...
  13. Sc0

    M17 or 320 X5 for idpa?

    M17 with the X5 grip assembly, best of both worlds.
  14. Best accuracy that your able to get at 50yds from a Tanfo? Ideas to increase accuracy?
  15. Tighten up the rail fit and remove the flex from the trigger...
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