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  1. MDT just displayed a HD version of the CKYE and longer leg extensions at SHOT. Between the ATLAS and CKYE it's personal choice vs wallet, the CKYE does double up with a panning feature with built in barricade stop. Purchased a CKYE sight unseen, and like each rifle and caliber it's a better choice for some things than others. The BRMS Harris with PodLok does most everything when you need a bipod, though more effort will be required. Both B&T and MDT offer mil/LE discounts, which helps. BTW: One of the best bipod systems I have seen was the RND, which I am hoping a major manufacturer picks up and start producing.
  2. I am using the Gemini's and am rather new to the load 2 and load 4's. If your positive about what shells you practice with are the same ones that you shoot a match with, then it shouldn't be a problem. They have a tension adjustment so due to small changes between brands and versions it might increase or decrease tension, which will cause issues on match day if you switch things up. Other than that they work pretty good to me, recently ordered the chest harness to save on belt real estate. (Using the 12x and 16x.). All aluminum and steel except the backer plate that they mount to is the polymer, so should last forever.
  3. Been following them on Facebook, waiting for a regular P320 carry grip frame...
  4. Spied from JJ's Facebook... His 92x open gun...
  5. Anyone seen a 92x Competition in the wild yet or heard any rumors on availability?
  6. Also waiting, another vote on replacement uppers being available...
  7. Same boat as you with the PCC. I have an x400 waiting to go on the Isler 15" carbon fiber tube at 12'clock once they get the next batch or two ready. Currently have the light/laser mounted on the bottom rail until the carbon fiber tube comes in. With the factory handguard the x400 takes up 3/4 of the 510c window when mounted on top. Isler is also working on a 1.75" tube for the MPX. It's on his Facebook page but looks a little wonky due to the use of an intermediate step down tube.
  8. Surefire X400 green is pretty bright but have limited tactical laser pointer experience on firearms...
  9. Some differences are outlined in this thread: https://sigtalk.com/sig-sauer-rifles/341074-mpx-pcc-competition-changes.html#/topics/341074 Think I sent a message to ILWT as to a spares kit tailored for the Gen3 MPX. Obviously having an identical backup gun is preferred but would be a bit pricey compared to a few parts that can be field replaceable.
  10. Waiting to see how the SRO, Romeo1Pro, and Holosun 508T pan out... Haven't read any horror stories on the Romeo3Max and Holosun 510C yet.
  11. Cool, doesn't look like it uses the competition frame due to the round trigger guard and roll pin for the hammer. Low profile sights, picatinny railed short frame, bull barrel... Looks like a good pistol! Surprisingly you can purchase this pistol for less than EAA sells a slide assembly for...
  12. I don't know much about Tanfo's but would doubt that the Xtreme versions use a different steel than production models... Internal parts and finish are different.
  13. Sc0

    Gunsmith Fit Barrel

    KKM does a 1:10 special order but I don't know about a gunsmith fit barrel, they might make one on request?
  14. Just seen this, guess they have a whole 92X line but the"Performance" is the only steel frame version? 92x
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