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Anyone use Ghost Maritime spring cups


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Does anyone on here use the Ghost maritime spring cups? Do they have any effect on feel of the trigger? Do you think they make the gun more reliable?

I got a Glock 35 the other day that has one and havent figured out if I want to keep in the gun or not. If they are worth it I may switch out the factory cups in my other guns but since I have never had an issue (besides dropping the little things and having to search for them) I doubt it.

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I mainly am trying to see if I should take these out of the gun I purchased. The trigger feels nice and I see no issues but want to make sure there is not a breakage issue or some other reason to not keep them. I live in Seattle so an underwater stage (or something close to it) is possible....you have to be prepared for anything.

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I use them along with a wolff 4# striker spring on a factory striker and I can light off CCI primers all day long.

I beleive that have less drag and that helps to prevent light strikes. And if they add a underwater stage Iam good to go.

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