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Compensate POA or Sight Alignment?

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With my GI 1911 at close Range I can't see the Point of Impact if I keep my Sights Flat.

Point of Aim and Impact line up at about 20 Yards.

I can sharp shoot up close if I fudge the Front Sight Alignment....is that a bad habit?



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I always want the bullet to hit somewhere above the sights, iron sights anyway.

In other words I don't want the gun to cover point of impact when the gun is flat.


If I ever have to hold off somewhere, I'd prefer to hold low to still see the target. Rifle or handgun. I dont like covering up what Im shooting and guessing at where it will go, then needing to check and see if I was right.

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POA/POI at 20 yards just means that the gun is zeroed at 20 yards, which isn't really a bad place to be.

Assuming that you're not "muscling" the gun around a lot, there's really not enough of a difference in the POA/POI relationship at 4, 5, 6 yards to make this much of an issue. Probably the tightest shot that you'd be forced to make would be an "Upper A/B Zone" (head) shot. Assuming a dead center hold, you have 3 inches of "wiggle-room" before that tight shot becomes a near miss. A 20-yard zero on iron sights shouldn't exceed that parameter. (On a scoped gun, it would be a problem, but not here.)

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