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  1. KungFuNerd

    Keeping the thumbs off the pistol?

    I got into the habit of steering with a 1911. I shot well. Then tried it on a Glock...I was pulling shots all over the place and having slidelock interference problems. Practiced floating the thumbs and everything improved for me
  2. KungFuNerd

    Comp-tac Holster

    I had a similar thread a few months ago (actually the Same thread). I loosened mine up and practiced a LOT. Smoothed it right out.
  3. KungFuNerd

    Shot my classifier last week...

    Doesn't really matter. I did the same thing. My first Match was a Classifier. I had equipment problems the DAY before and had to adjust my hold and was distracted and having slide lock issues the whole day. Just missed SS and I'm kind of glad I did. If I had HIT at the speed I was running I would have way 'over classified'.
  4. KungFuNerd

    Trigger finger transition from Slide to Trigger?

    Got it. I started down this rabbit hole when I felt my finger bumping the guard on my push out
  5. KungFuNerd

    Double Plugging

    Were you indoors? If I double plug outdoors I have found I can't hear to communicate/hear instruction (even with Electronics).
  6. I have isolated a problem....I have noticed I am doing this on Rifle as well as Pistol. If I move to the Trigger during my draw I don't notice this (because I can't see it). i have figured a few things out and could use some input...and maybe this will help someone else. My Trigger Pull is pretty clean. But if I get sight picture with my Finger outside of the Guard, my Sights move quite a bit when I move my finger to the trigger and pull. One issue is that I tend to Steer with my finger (I have learned to Float my thumbs but apparently not my trigger finger). Another is bumping the Trigger Guard on the way down. The other is that I was placing my Trigger finger too high on the trigger and causing a push to the left I am concentrating on floating my trigger finger off of the Slide (that is a good idea right??) And I am doing a few thousand reps while focusing on ONLY moving my Trigger finger while keeping my Grip stable. tips/Insights much appreciated. Thanks, John
  7. Just because it isn't renewed at History doesn't mean it won't pop up somewhere else.
  8. Oh... And Gary was the one robbed by the Dueling trees. I would have to watch again to make sure but i think his targets were bouncing back after he hit them. It was the right tree/lower 3 or 4 targets. One of them even got stuck straight back. Then all of a sudden it wasn't. I wonder if they stopped to fix it and just edited the stoppage out.
  9. I think it showed that they knew little to nothing about the functional ranges of Ammo and Firearms and even less about their own shooting abilities. Challenges in the past like shooting a Golfball from 100 yards or shooting a Paintball off a Tee were done by people that COULD...not because they wre lucky. And what was it...like 6 seconds per shot at 10" plates? In the FINAL? Yikes
  10. The Semifinals were a joke. 35' .22 Pistol shots are Jars gets you into the finals? Yikes. Chris definitely deserved to win. As lame as this season seemed, there was plenty of entertainment value
  11. It doesn't have bad ratings http://tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com/2012/04/18/tuesday-cable-ratings-deadliest-catch-nba-basketball-the-game-16-and-pregnant-real-housewives-oc-hardcore-pawn-more/129618/ But I have to imagine that it isn't the cheapest show to produce. So the "Bang for the buck" (pun intended) probably isn't as good as a show like Pawn Stars
  12. something else cool about the show.... My son (7) and a friend (12) were playing in the backyard last week. They asked me to come out and "have ourselves a friendly shoot out" (they used the Colby accent). We set up Cans and shot Airsoft Pistol, then shot Bullseyes with a Red Ryder, Shot Suction Cup Bow and Arrow, then Water Bottles with a ColdSteel Blowgun, and then threw DARTS. We kept score and I had to stand shoot 2 or 3 times their distance It was fun. The commentary was the best. "All over the place with the ColdSteel blowgun!!"
  13. Yeah, my wife and/or kids watch it with me too. They should have a drinking game.....they get a big laugh from Colby's play-by-play. They really love it when he says "Bass Pro Shop"
  14. KungFuNerd

    Airsoft training

    Read lots of reviews. There are excellent 1911 Airsoft out there. If you are practicing outside, running them on Propane is CHEAP (stinks).
  15. KungFuNerd

    Hornady Steel Match 75gr

    My local Academy and Bass Pro have them. Though I'm not 100% sure they the 75gr