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Dillon Blasphemy

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I know this is probably blasphemy. Has anyone every used a Hornady case-activated powder measure on a Dillon 550? It should be compatible. Anyone try it?

This what I ended up doing on my Dillon 550 for rifle reloading. Since my rifle brass is already sized and primed I put a Hornady Bench Rest Powder Measure with the Hornady Case Activated Powder Drop (some say the Case Activated Powder Drop won't work on the Bench Rest Measure but it seems to fit and function fine on mine) on station 1 and removed the priming system operating rod and skip the step of pushing the press handle all the way foward as to seat a primer.

Then since it is hard to see inside the rifle case to verify the powder charge I put a Dillon Powder Check on station 2 I had to drill a hole in the tool head for the operating rod but it works well. The put the seating die in station 3 and crimp die in station 4.

For handgun reloading I still use the Dillon powder measure with the UniqueTek Micrometer Powder Bar Kit installed.

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I load my long range match bullets on a 650 with the Hornaday powder mesure - you need some extra room so you have to move it over one hole.

eddit to add I like Varget powder and it cuts nice in the Hornaday but pops in the Dillion.

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Its not blasphemy, but the Dillon powder measure works great, extremely consistent.

I agree. The Dillon powder measure works great. I have no complaints against the Hornady LNL powder measure either. Both work great with ball powder, and both have some difficulty with extruded. I have not had problems with flake powder in either one.

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RCBS case activated powder measure user here, both pistol and rifle on dillon 650 and 1050. The Micrometer adjustment is simply better, and stick powder (Varget, etc) throws are more consistent.


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In terms of repeatability, I rate them:

1) Hornady L-N-L

2) Either the Dillon or the Lee Pro Auto-Disk.

I have used all three on a Hornady L-N-L AP and on both the RL1050 and the Super 1050.

I don't care about brand, just functionality.

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