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Aimpoint Comp ML2 / ML3


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Looking at the above two scopes- to be used with an

AR15-.223-platform, flat top.

If any one has used either for any type of action

shooting, could you please give me your input. I

would hate to buy one and find it is NOT cut out

for USPSA/IPSC, two or three gun shooting!

Thank you B)

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CompML2/ A.R.M.S. mount sits on top a flat top ColtHB .223 (16"bbl). I bought the Aimpoint used....I like it for the big window,durability,and battery life.......The T1 on the ARs seems to have popularity here.......but in my opinion,the 4 tiny mounting screws is just not robust enough...

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I would look at the ML3 or the Pro models as the offer a 2moa dot, instead of the 4moa on the ML2. The smaller dot helps at longer ranges.

Is the small 2 moa dot a disadvantage at short ranges? I am considering 4 moa or 2 moa dot on either C-more or Aimpoint for my AR. I have the 4 moa Aimpoint on my deer shotgun and it is great for short range hunts in the woods.


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